Energy drink  has "in-your-face" launch

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Energy drink  has "in-your-face" launch

Facedrink announces the release of facedrink -- a premium 2.5 oz energy drink which combines tropical taste with long-lasting energy. "It gives you social energy" is the product's tagline, referring to that particular energy needed to manage all of the events in your life.

Through it's custom flavoring, developed by Big Brands, facedrink says it provides a healthier alternative to traditional energy shots. The three-calorie energy shot is free of both sugar and carbohydrates. It contains a blend of natural fruit flavors, taurine and 140mg of caffeine for that pick-me-up feeling. The result of this formula is a great taste and several hours of crash-free energy boost to help get you through the day. The drink contains 140mg of caffeine, more than other name brands with 1/2 oz larger bottle, we give you more kick!

"I want facedrink to be a beverage that provides the social energy that people need to get things done on a daily basis," says Facedrink co-owner Barry Moustapha. "With the right combination of taste and energy effectiveness, facedrink has achieved the goal that I set for this energy drink".

The unique taste of facedrink is equal to its unique packaging. The facedrink energy drink packaging and label, designed by Big Brands, makes it stand out amongst its competitors by providing a sophisticated approach to other energy shots on the market. Easy to consume, facedrinkM has a fast-acting effect and can be carried in your pocket, purse, sport bag, luggage and more. It has more kick than the other name brand energy drinks.


Facedrink is manufactured by co-owner, Big Brands,and is offered online to consumers in the United States through shopping, which can be accessed through the website, or through the facedrink website at

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