Evergreen Packaging launches carton-centric campaign

March 11, 2015

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Evergreen Packaging launches carton-centric campaign
Evergreen packaging ChooseCartons.com campaign


Evergreen packaging ChooseCartons.com campaign

Evergreen Packaging announces the launch of choosecartons.com, an interactive website designed to educate and encourage consumers to consider the eco-friendly attributes of packaging in their purchasing decisions. Choosecartons.com raises awareness of the environmental benefits of paper carton packaging and promotes carton recycling.

"Consumers have conveyed that packaging is a major driver in their green purchases," states Erin Reynolds, senior marketing manager for Evergreen Packaging. "We believe it's important for consumers to be aware of the environmental attributes paper cartons offer, and choosecartons.com will help raise that awareness."


Cartons are light-weight and have a great product-to-package ratio. If consumers choose a product in a carton, they are taking home an average of 94% product and only 6% package. In addition, cartons are made with renewable materials - more than 70 percent of the Evergreen carton is made from paper, all from trees from responsibly managed forests.


Choosecartons.com provides a fun, resourceful platform for those already green-leaning consumers to promote cartons and a resource for others to get more information.


"Choosecartons.com allows visitors to share facts about why consumers can feel good about purchasing products in cartons," says Reynolds. "For consumers who feel strongly about their packaging choices, the site provides a number of interactive tools to share carton advocacy with social media audiences, brands and retailers."


As part of the campaign, Evergreen Packaging is also making a monetary donation to Habitat for Humanity. As the carton message grows virally and more join the CHOOSECARTONS conversation, the donation amount to Habitat for Humanity will increase.


At choosecartons.com you can share carton eco-facts, play the interactive Carton Checkout game, obtain useful green tips, get information on carton recycling and be inspired by recycled-carton art. In addition, consumers who want to spread the news about cartons to civic organizations and schools will find downloadable presentations and hand-outs.


Source: Evergreen Packaging

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