Foil wrap brightens up SnapLight Flare Alternative's shelf presence

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Foil wrap brightens up SnapLight Flare Alternative's shelf presence


Foil wrap brightens up SnapLight Flare Alternative’s shelf presence


Foil wrap brightens up SnapLight Flare Alternative’s shelf presence

Cyalume Technologies Holdings Inc., a leader in the chemical lighting industry, has introduced new foil wrapped SnapLight 8" Flare Alternatives, billed as the Next Generation FlareTM.


Driven by innovation and continuous improvements, Cyalume has developed new foil packaging for 8" Flare Alternative LightSticks. The new packaging incorporates a layout design that is appealing, user-friendly and makes it easier for customers to identify with the brand and its attributes.


Suitable for roadside emergency, and survival and safety kits sold at retail outlets, the 8" Flare Alternative is individually foil wrapped for light and moisture protection.


The company uses a four layer film structure: Surlyn polyethylene sealant/foil/tie layer/polyester. The sheen  from the polyester and the inks used in the printing process are what make the package "pop" on the shelf.


Developed as a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional flares that are currently used by law enforcement, safety workers and consumers, the 8" Flare Alternative Ultra High-Intensity lightstick is the new dependable instant light solution. Designed to be practical with an easy to use, maintain and operate approach, the 8" Flare Alternative has proved useful for safety workers as the Next Generation FlareTM. The 8" Flare Alternative with reflective strip enhances visibility up to one mile. The attached wire stand allows easy setup and activation.


Unlike traditional flares, the 8" Flare Alternative will not produce heat or flames. It provides 30 minutes of reliable high-intensity light visible up to one mile. Activation is easy with no batteries required. The 8" Flare Alternative meets DOT non-hazardous standards, eliminating hazardous shipping fees.


SnapLight 8" Flare Alternatives are for use at accident scenes, vehicle breakdowns, as hazard markers and to alert drivers of obstacles in the road. This ultra high-intensity lightstick can be used in wet or dry weather and provides the most visible light in low-light or dark situations. The new, patented formulation performs well in cold and warm climates.


Source: Cyalume Technologies Holdings Inc.


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