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Frosted glass look

January 29, 2014

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Frosted glass look


Creating a frosted look in molded plastic bottles and extruded sheet is a new Masterbatch molded-in frosted color that the co. says eliminates the need for painting to lower costs by as much as 90 percent. Giving stretch/blow-molded PET bottles and thermoformed containers made from extruded sheet a frosted-glass look for use with cosmetics, alcohol and other high-end products has, until now, been a spray-painting process. The new process can allow processors to use a masterbatch to add frosting and gain a more durable package. The co. says the color occurs throughout the wall, so it cannot be scraped off, and the package won't shatter if dropped. The color can be formulated for use with acrylic and polycarbonate and can also be formulated with the co.'s new Formula X(TM) PET binder system, which eliminates predrying. The flexible product can be tinted to create other effects such as the soft blue or green tones of vintage glass.

Ampacet Corp.,

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