Gauloises Blondes in a Tin with a Zipper

Anton Steeman

January 30, 2014

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Gauloises Blondes in a Tin with a Zipper

90818-Gauloise_20image001.jpgYou are not smoking anymore? That is a pity really, as you will miss a beautiful packaging from one of the most famous iconic cigarettes in the world.

Gauloises is a typical French cigarette brand, manufactured by Altadis (in these days part of Imperial Tobacco). The name means “Gallic”, and the emblem is the helmet of a Gallic warrior. Although sales have declined in recent years and the production in France ceased in September 2005, to be solely produced in Spain, Gauloises is still a very popular brand and an icon in France. Many a Frenchman is still devouring a Gauloise.

The writer Jean Paul Sartre was a famous smoker of Gauloises, and was rarely pictured without one in his hand. George Orwell also mentions that he smoked the brand in Down and Out in Paris and London. Chronic addicts like Albert Camus, and Serge Gainsbourg as well as many a smoker in cafes from Cannes to Calais dragged on their Gauloise. Gauloises is a real French icon, a symbol of Gallic identity.

But what to do with this icon facing declining sales?

90818-gauloises_brunes_souples.jpgFollowing a recent trend in contemporary design of metal cans, speciality can manufacturer Virojanglor in Le Blanc Mesnil, France, developed a zipped tin for the brand Gauloises Blondes.

Surpassing the limits and going one step further Virojanglor started to mix other materials with metal. Although steel is the base material, they are mixing with plastic, integrating windows in PVC, even with luxury paper and leather imitations.
The metal used is plain tin plate, so-called because it is covered with a layer of tin. It bends more easily than steel.

The challenge for the Gauloises Blondes zipped tin was to securely attach the zipper to the tin body and lid, keeping the tin alignment and finish smooth and clean. A process of plastic seals has enabled the zipper to be held securely in place adding to the quality value of this product.

This zipped, re-usable tin offers the end user an added perception of freshness whilst giving him an original way of closing a cigarette pack. It is an eye-catching and unique design.

A personalised metal box is not ephemeral like plastic or cardboard, and promotes a brand’s image for years on end. It is thus a sure way of making an advertising campaign’s impact lasts: you don’t often see consumers throwing metal boxes away, thus, the brand is sure to remain present for years in consumer’s homes.
90143-Williamson_Tea.jpgIn today’s market, the most collectible tins are those from the 1920s through the 1960s. These tins were produced in such large quantities that they are still easy to find, In today’s market we can see a revival of the tin as a collectible. In other words the well-shaped tin upgrades the desirability of the product and as a consequence of its popular position in the market for collectibles, companies in these days use tin packaging as a marketing tool, adding an extra value to the purchase.. .. read the full article: “The Revival of the Tin Can – The Collectible as Marketing Tool

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