Glass jars for cheeses create premium look

January 29, 2014

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Glass jars for cheeses create premium look


Traders Point Creamery Glass Containers

A new, elegant glass jar for cottage cheese and cheese products is a big winner for Traders Point Creamery. The Zionsville, IN dairy switched its cottage cheese and fromage products from square, flat-top plastic containers to glass jars with metal lids and shrink-sleeve labels in the fall of 2008. “This is a much more attractive package than our square, flat-top plastic container, and it draws attention to our award-winning product inside,” says Gail Alden, Traders Point Creamery's director of marketing, media and events. The International Metal Decorators Assn. certainly agrees. The metal closure, which was supplied by Crown Closures Americas, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc. (, was named Best in Category among closure entries, recognized for its print quality and premium appeal at the association's 2009 conference.

Traders Point's closure features an image of a cow in a golden field, bordered by shades of dark green and a transparent light blue. The transparency of the border and lettering, paired with the photographic quality of the image, perfectly compliments the gold band and beige tamper-proof shrink sleeve that envelops the glass jar. The overall package presents a high-end look that is unique to the product category. The 8-oz jars are supplied by Stanpac ( and the shrink-sleeve labels are made by MPI (

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