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Gourmet mint tins provide fresh inspirationGourmet mint tins provide fresh inspiration

January 29, 2014

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Gourmet mint tins provide fresh inspiration

Described by its founders as "a mint company dedicated to making everyday objects beautiful," Oral Fixation LLC, Hopewell, NJ, is making breath freshening fashionable. Offering six varieties of hand-pressed mints in evocative flavors like 7 Deadly Cinnamon (hot cinnamon) and Mojito Mint (lime mint cocktail), "Oral Fix" uses sleek, brushed-metal tins reminiscent of the 1920s, decorated with spare, yet clever, graphics, to transform mints into a "lifestyle accessory." The slim and stylish 0.8-oz tins, sourced from China, hold 38 of the gourmet mints and, once empty, are sized to hold credit and business cards, "making impromptu wallets for a night on the town," says Oral Fix.

Each mint variety displays a diligent attention to detail, with sometimes irreverent, always clever, decoration. All of the tins prominently feature the Oral Fix logo, a stylized image of two figures with their hands crossed to one another's mouths (presumably partaking of the refreshing mints), with the resulting form in the shape of a heart, embossed on the tin's top half. Above the logo is the tagline "Get Your Fix®." From there, each tin is customized to play off the variety name. For example, Classical Peppermint uses a silver tin decorated at the bottom with a musical motif, featuring artistically rendered conductors across a musical staff. Inside the tin, a wax paper sheet atop the mints is delicately decorated with the draft of Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique. The mints, hand-pressed in a factory in Pennsylvania, bear an imprint of a treble clef note on one side, and the word "fix" on the other. On the back of the tin, along with the Nutrition Facts box and company information, is the directive "Compose Yourself."

In contrast, 7 Deadly Cinnamon, in a deep red tin, uses a Garden of Eden theme, with snakes sleekly slithering along each side of the pack, and an illustration of an apple core on the front. Declared "Damned Delicious" on the back of the tin, the mints are pink and are stamped with a "7" on one side. The wax-paper insert is a cartoon-like representation of "The Legendary Nostradamoo," who "predicted that in the year 2093, Oral Fixations will become the eighth deadly sin...Enjoy them while you can."

Other varieties include Sugar Free Tibet (wintergreen) in a blue tin; Night Light (caffeinated chai) in a black tin holding orange mints; and Spare Mint (spearmint) in a flat-white-painted tin. According to Oral Fix, the mints are now available on more than five continents in more than 700 locations, including cultural centers, hotels, resorts, museums, gift shops, restaurants and cafés. Designed for gift giving, the Oral Fixation 6 Pack is available on the company's website (www.oralfix.com) for $15 and includes each of the six flavors, with the tins standing upright in a colorful, compact case.

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