How Packaging Can Help Invent a Whole New Product

March 11, 2015

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How Packaging Can Help Invent a Whole New Product

One of the best ways to get a jump on competitors is to simply not have any – lead an entirely new product category. But that can be difficult. Where does one start when trying to come up with a product no one else offers?

Why not start with the package? By envisioning an established, familiar package in a radically different context, a whole range of innovative, unique possibilities often present themselves.

Take for instance the common wine bottle. Wine has been made from every fruit imaginable, in every size, and every price range – probably since the beginning of recorded history. So there’s not much interesting there right?

Well, not if you look at it in the context of human products. But what if you pair that with pets? That’s exactly what Bark Vineyards did.

Billed as the equivalent of fine wines for felines and canines, Bark Vineyards bottled “au jus” products are formulated to be used as gravy over dry pet foods. Housed in 750-mL green, glass wine bottles, the packaging is designed to be identical to that of human wine. “The human/animal bond is so strong that we want to provide for our animals the same luxuries we enjoy. A human can pick up a bottle of wine for themselves and one for their beloved four-legged friend,” remarks Bark Vineyards founder Kathleen Ramsey.

Designed to appeal to wine collectors and art lovers, the bottle labels feature beautiful illustrations of both cats and dogs.

Continuing the spirits theme are wine-inspired names for the pet-food au jus products. “Sauvignon Bark” uses a chicken broth base, accented with spice and vegetable notes; “Meowlot” is made for both cats and dogs; “Barkundy” has a beef broth base; “White Sniff 'N' Tail” combines the aroma of salmon with the flavor of sweet potatoes; and “Pinot Leasheo” features the light taste of chicken broth accented with potato, carrots and parsley flavors.

Something to think about when your stumped for ideas on the next new product innovation. Maybe it’s time you looking at the package instead of the product.

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