Ice-cream cans eliminate the 'King Tut look'

January 29, 2014

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Ice-cream cans eliminate the 'King Tut look'

Keeping new SheerBliss™ ultra-super-premium, all-natural ice cream fresh, serving-after-serving, are beautifully decorated, steel-anodized cans that eliminate freezer burn and make this gourmet dessert hostess-gift-ready. Introduced by SheerBliss Ice Cream, LLC, Hallandale, FL, in July, SheerBliss features unique, Pomegranate-based flavors and is the first ice cream to use steel-can packaging on a national basis, relates company president Gary A. Barron. "Since we were making the highest-quality ice-cream product, we wanted to protect its integrity. By using a metal can, we can ensure the longevity of the ice cream," he explains. "Longevity for ice-cream eaters is until you go back the second time. Most folks who buy a carton of ice cream will eat half of it and then throw the rest in the freezer. But when they go back and open the carton, the ice cream has freezer burn, so it has shrunk down and it's gummy in appearance. We have dubbed this the 'King Tut look.' But with a can, because it is not porous, the quality of the ice cream is maintained between servings."

Barron says that he and colleagues Siroos Asbaghi, Sean Cavandi and Ron Prupis selected SheerBliss's all-natural ingredients to appeal to a wide consumer base. Four of the line's seven canned varieties capitalize on what Barron calls the "anti-oxidant movement," using 100-percent pomegranate juice from POM Wonderful® as a main ingredient. In addition, the ice cream contains no corn-syrup solids, egg yolks, preservatives or artificial colorings or flavors, and is kosher-certified.

The ice cream is available in a 16-oz can, soon to be joined by a 27-oz size. The company also offers chocolate-covered pomegranate ice-cream bars in a single-bar carton and in a 3-pack. The unique, ice-cream cans are supplied by several manufacturers, including Allstate Can Corp. (, which prints the can body and lid using four-color-process litho printing. The can's elegant, upscale graphics were designed by the four SheerBliss partners in color schemes chosen to distinguish each flavor. All cans begin with a light-beige background and use the SheerBliss logo prominently on the front and embossed on the can lid. A band of color at the bottom of each can corresponds to colors used in illustrations of pomegranates, coffee beans and chocolate chunks that are used on the front of the can, depending upon the flavor. "The artwork is extraordinary," says Barron. "

SheerBliss is being copacked at East and West coast facilities, and is being sold in more than 500 stores in the tri-state New York area and in California around Los Angeles. The 16-oz size retails for a suggested price of $5.99 per can.

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