Interactive tool adds spice to Old Bay packaging

March 11, 2015

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Interactive tool adds spice to Old Bay packaging
Old Bay interactive packaging


Old Bay interactive packaging

OLD BAY, the iconic seasoning synonymous with good times and traditions, is reaching out to fans across the country on a whole new level with the help of Blippar, a new smartphone and tablet application. By downloading Blippar and blipping OLD BAY logos or packaging, smartphone screens will come alive with 3-D interactive games including Whack-A-Crab and Duckpin Bowling and unique OLD BAY recipes such as snack mix, crispy wings, shrimp scampi and more.
OLD BAY's launch of Blippar is part of the "Summer of Baytriotism," a regional celebration for those who love their hometown and will do anything to defend it. OLD BAY's usage of Blippar is the first use of this technology in the U.S. consumer products sector.


"OLD BAY is a brand that people are extremely passionate about," said Jill Pratt, vice president of marketing for McCormick & Company, Inc., parent company of OLD BAY. "Through Blippar, we are able to provide OLD BAY enthusiasts with engaging new digital content that allows them to further experience the brand. Blippar is extremely popular in Europe, and OLD BAY is proud to be the first consumer product to use it stateside."


Engaging with OLD BAY through Blippar is easy:
1.Download the free Blippar app from the App Store or the Android Marketplace:
2.Point the smartphone or tablet camera at any OLD BAY can, logo or packaging, and blipp the OLD BAY image.
3.Upon blipping, users will be offered:
•Unique OLD BAY recipes that are useful for home cooks and grocery store shoppers who are looking for dinner ideas.
•Exclusive OLD BAY games such as Whack-A-Crab, Duckpin Bowling and Baltimore-centric trivia.

To honor the birthplace of the seasoning, OLD BAY fans in Baltimore are provided with exclusive opportunities to blipp:
•The OLD BAY Garage - OLD BAY turned a popular Baltimore parking garage into a giant can of OLD BAY weighing in at 82 tons. When blipped, users are instantly directed to the OLD BAY Whack-A-Crab game and unique OLD BAY recipes.
•"Summer of Baytriotism" Coasters - Found in popular Baltimore taverns and restaurants, users who blipp the coasters will be directed to the OLD BAY Whack-A-Crab and Duckpin Bowling games and Baltimore-centric trivia. OLD BAY encourages social interaction and urges users to challenge friends, family and fellow dining patrons.

"OLD BAY is a great brand for us to showcase how Blippar can make a consumer product a source of marketing and consumer engagement" said Ambarish Mitra, co-founder and chief executive officer of Blippar. "Through our partnership, we've created some really innovative games and brand interaction tools."


Other U.S. brands that have worked with Blippar on European marketing campaigns include Domino's Pizza and Nike. To watch a video demonstrating features of the OLD BAY Blippar campaign, visit


Source: McCormick & Co. via PR Newswire

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