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iQ completes nationwide rollout in Canada

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iQ completes nationwide rollout in Canada




TORONTO, April 11 /CNW/ - With Earth Day approaching, Planet People announced the nationwide availability of its awards winning iQ cleaning line today. The eco-friendly line of household cleaners, which allows homeowners to reduce plastic waste by 80 percent, has now added Walmart and the Loblaw network of stores to its growing list of retailers.


Every year, consumers use and discard over a billion plastic cleaning containers- a habit that packs overburdened landfills and clogs waterways. Yet the majority of household cleaners are comprised of 95 percent water and only five percent cleaning solution. The patented iQ REFill (Reduced Environmental Footprint) reduces the plastic waste associated with traditional cleaners by 80 percent by packing all the non-toxic cleaning concentrate into a small, recyclable cartridge. To make a bottle of cleaner, consumers just fill the re-usable iQ bottle with their own tap water and drop in the no mess REFill cartridge.

Switching to three and a half inch REFills also eliminates the need to produce millions of full-sized plastic containers and then ship unnecessary water across the continent. "It takes an astounding gallon of crude oil to make just 29 bottles of household cleaner and even more to transport it across the country or continent," said Eric Green, president of Planet People. "For a product that is 95 percent water, the costs to the environment - and to the consumer - just don't add up. We created iQ to combat the excessive waste and cost of traditional cleaners, designing something that is easy to use, easy on our planet and 25 percent less expensive than conventional cleaners."

Made from plant based and ecologically sustainable ingredients, the iQ line includes four non-toxic cleaning solutions: iQ's All-Purpose Cleaner, iQ's Glass Cleaner, iQ's Bathroom Cleaner and iQ's Floor Cleaner. In third-party testing, iQ products performed as well or better than other leading brands in the category and are 100 percent performance guaranteed.

The iQ line is already recognized internationally for its innovative design. In December 2010, iQ was awarded the coveted "Best Green Packaging" designation by the Green Awards, a global awards program honoring the world's leading sustainably-focused companies. Over 1,500 retailers across North America already carry the innovative cleaners.

The iQ Starter Kit, which includes a spray bottle with cleaning solution and one REFill cartridge, retails for approximately $5.49. REFill replacement cartridges retail for approximately $2.49 each. iQ cleaners come in light fragrances such as Green Tea, Bamboo Berry, Nectarine Plum and Papaya Mango. For more information on the iQ line of eco-friendly cleaners, please visit www.iqclean.com


Source: Planet People

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