Is this can your cup of tea?

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Is this can your cup of tea?
Thes de La Pagode tea tin



Thes de La Pagode tea tin

Sas Fimex Thes de La Pagode in France has released a rooibos tea in a limited-edition pack. A total of 100g of tea is filled into a multi-laminate bag that resides inside an attractive black colored tin-plate can. To reflect the brand name, the three-piece litho-printed can with push-in lid has an additional overcap shaped to resemble the roof of a pagoda. A hanging red tassel matches the red print on the can, with a two-color print providing an elegant finish along with a silver floral design on each side.


This brand of tea usually is packaged in printed flexible packaging. In this case, that packaging also will be available during the promotion of this limited-edition can, which is clearly designed to be repurposed as a tea caddy for future use with details such as ingredients and bar code positioned on the bottom of the tin where they will remain out of sight.


However, the cans are not completely clear of product information. The front of each is printed with the tea type (rooibos, in this instance) and the brand logo serving as a prompt for the consumer to repeatedly purchase this product each time the tea caddy becomes empty. Offering limited-edition metal tins as packaging in this category to serve as tea caddies is not unusual. However, here the brand has made the additional step of shaping the packaging to reflect the brand name, to an interesting effect.

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