Is this eco-friendly bottle all wet?

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Is this eco-friendly bottle all wet?
Sant'Anna water bottle



Sant'Anna Bio Bottle Acqua Oligominerale Naturale (or "Still Oligomineral Spring Water" in English) has been relaunched overseas, in European markets. This low-sodium water now is available in a newly designed 1.5L environmentally sustainable bottle featuring Ingeo, a natural PLA plastic made from vegetables; the product inside also has a new formula.


Most water is bottled in PET, which companies claim to be environmentally friendly due to the fact that the material is recyclable. However, this is not enough for this Italian bottled water company. The firm has chosen use a PLA plastic that is supplied by manufacturer by NatureWorks. This material can claim a sustainable source, as it is derived from field corn, and is compostable.


The PLA plastic bottle (which is injection blown) features a wraparound plastic label (gravure printed), and a tamper-evident resin cap topping the screw-thread neck.


The brand owner, Fonti di Vinadio, hails from Milan, Italy. The water can be found in Auchan stores, and it retails for approximately $0.63 in U.S. dollars.

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