Just a 'dropps' will do the laundry

January 29, 2014

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Just a 'dropps' will do the laundry

Cot'nWash, Inc.'s new dropps™ concentrated laundry detergent is convenient for consumers in its lightweight, premeasured, water-soluble package. The space-saving, 1/2-oz packets dissolve almost immediately and ensure advanced cleaning and care for most types of laundry, the company says. The packets are made of polyvinyl alcohol cast films from Monosol (www.monosol.com). A package of 20 packets for 20 washloads is housed in a proprietary, hanging clamshell of clear polyvinyl chloride. A five-count travel pack and a family-sized package containing 40 packets are in the works. Launched in October 2005, the product is available online and through retailers and will go into national distribution soon, says Cot'nWash.

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