Kraft to ring in 2012 with 70+ product launches

March 11, 2015

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Kraft to ring in 2012 with 70+ product launches
Kraft belVita breakfast biscuits


Kraft belVita breakfast biscuits

Busy consumers demand simplified and smart meal solutions, yet are more eager to try robust new flavor combinations. And when it comes to enhancing the taste of their food and beverages, today's consumer wants a more customized experience. Kraft Foods Inc. knows its consumer well and is feeding this hunger for bold flavors, easy meal solutions and delicious better-for-you offerings with more than 70 new product innovations.


"Americans are having more interactive experiences with food and want the opportunity to do some of the cooking themselves," comments Barry Calpino, Vice President, Breakthrough Innovation, Kraft Foods. "With global influence and the merging of different cultures, consumers are open to new flavor combinations. Being able to customize the flavor and texture to enhance the end dish is important and Kraft Foods is delivering."


Easy meal solutions

Making it easier for today's consumer to try new flavors, Kraft Foods is unveiling convenient meal solutions that combine contemporary and robust flavors including Kraft Sizzling Salads Dinner Kit, Kraft Fresh Take and Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Dinner Kit. Complete with perfectly paired cooking sauces, like Zesty Fajita and Teriyaki Ginger, and salad dressings, such as Barbecue Ranch and Toasted Sesame, the Kraft Sizzling Salads line lets the consumer add his/her own chicken and vegetable choices for a delicious dinner in less than 20 minutes. In the refrigerated dairy section of stores in January, new Kraft Fresh Take takes the guesswork out of serving up inviting flavor combinations. Made from a special blend of Kraft Natural Cheeses and breadcrumbs seasoned with unique spice blends like Rosemary & Roasted Garlic, Chili Lime & Panko, and Southwest Three Cheese, Kraft Fresh Take is perfect for chicken, pork or fish.


Also providing a more interactive and customizable cooking experience for consumers, the recently introduced Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Dinner Kits debut three new flavor combinations including Chicken Alfredo, Chili Cheese Mac and Tuna Melt in the new year. Just add ground beef, chicken or tuna to the skillet and you have a dish the whole family can enjoy. And there's a sizzling new Oscar Mayer Butcher Thick Cut Bacon that offers authentic, hand-trimmed bacon made with sea salt. Available in two varieties - Applewood Smoked and Hickory Smoked - consumers will also notice the new premium Oscar Mayer Bacon packaging.


New beverages offer energy benefits

Their lives are filled with work, family and other activities, so our consumers need energy. 2011's exciting new water enhancer MiO has unveiled new MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancer in Black Cherry and Green Thunder flavors. When one squirt - about half a teaspoon - of MiO Energy is mixed with eight ounces of water, the resulting delicious beverage also has 60 mg. of caffeine—about the same as a six-ounce cup of coffee, as well as B vitamins. Consumers also can enjoy a new offering from Crystal Light—Energy Powdered Drink Mix in three varieties including Citrus, Grape and Peach Mango On The Go.


Better-for-you offerings

Knowing that consumers also want more better-for-you options, Kraft Foods is bringing a nutritious European favorite to the United States via the introduction of belVita Breakfast Biscuits. A delicious crunchy biscuit baked with whole grains, this unique on-the-go breakfast delivers sustained energy for the morning. Soon to be available nationwide in the refrigerated dairy case, Kraft MilkBite Milk and Granola Bars deliver the calcium of an 8-oz glass of milk in a delicious, soft bar texture. Made with real milk, Kraft MilkBite bars come in five flavors. Kraft Foods is expanding the popular Philadelphia Cooking Creme line with new better-for-you varieties including Reduced Fat Italian Cheese & Herb and Reduced Fat Savory Garlic. It's a delicious way to bring the creamy taste of Philly to everyday dishes.


Lunchables Lunch Combinations is expanding its better-for-you options in 2012 to feature more varieties available with fruit, including Turkey + Cheddar Flatbread Sandwich with applesauce, Ham + American Flatbread Sandwich with applesauce, and BBQ Chicken Dippers with pineapple tidbits in 100% pineapple juice. In addition, Kraft Foods reinvented SnackWell's category continues to delight consumers with perfectly portioned and deliciously indulgent snacks. New SnackWell's Cinnamon Creme Drizzles Caramel Popcorn and Peanut Butter Flavored Pretzels are 130 calories and 110 calories per pack, respectively. And America's leading snack nut brand has introduced Planters Natural Creamy Peanut Butter Spread - a delicious nutrient-dense energy source and plant-based protein. There is even innovative news in confectionery as sugar-free gum gets a boost with Stride Spark Kinetic Berry Sugar Free Gum. A distinctly berry blend, with a touch of sour, this new sugar-free gum features B vitamins to awaken the taste buds.


Indulgent inspirations

And consumers looking for a premium experience will have even more options. While consumers have long enjoyed the rich coffee experience of Gevalia, up until now this Swiss delicacy was only available through in-home delivery. Starting this month, Gevalia Kaffe Coffee is now offering its top 10 varieties for sale in coffee supermarket aisles nationwide. And when it comes to the rich taste of chocolate, there's a new treat hitting store shelves in January that consumers are sure to enjoy. Philadelphia Indulgence Spreads feature real, luscious chocolate (Dark, Milk and White) with the rich creaminess of Philadelphia Cream Cheese—perfect for dipping and spreading with pretzels, fruit and much more. And for those looking for a unique gift idea for the holidays and beyond, Toblerone Tobelle features classic Toblerone Milk Chocolate in extra thin triangle pieces.

Source: Kraft Foods


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