Mailing gifts of baby clothes is easy

January 29, 2014

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Mailing gifts of baby clothes is easy

An unusual packaging idea for baby gifts helps the gift-giver connect with the recipient in a personal and emotional way. Kee-Ka, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, markets baby clothes that are already nicely packaged in a mailing box, ready to be sent to a surprised recipient. The buyer only needs to apply the address and postage and drop it in the mail. Stoffel Seals Corp. ( is a key contributor to Kee-Ka's success. It created a cohesive, flat band that contains a picture of an infant girl and Kee-Ka's logo, “Wearable Greetings,” that is wrapped around the mailing box. Stoffel produces the band using a four-color process to create a halftone on uncoated kraft board that is richer and more detailed than a simple, black-and-white representation. The band has an adhesive on one end and Kee-Ka simply wraps the band around the box containing the product and sticks the ends together.

According to James Lowry, business unit manager, Printing & Cohesive Division, Stoffel Seals, “Cohesive bands, manufactured by Stoffel Seals, offer a unique packaging component to bundle and promote your product. They can be used anywhere, from initial production to final packaging. The strong cohesive we use on these bands adheres only to itself and not to the product. Combined with branding or promotional information, cohesive bands provide tons of selling power with efficient, effective and minimal packaging.”

Stoffel also supplies pressure-sensitive labels containing pictures of the products and other labels containing the postage each package requires. “This has been a perfect solution for us,” says Joy Swanson at Kee-Ka.

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