Melon grower uses packaging to get a bigger slice of the market

Kate Bertrand Connolly 1, Freelance Writer

March 13, 2015

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Melon grower uses packaging to get a bigger slice of the market
Packaging helps promote new watermelon campaign. Bold, colorful graphics with Sesame Street characters on bins (right) of watermelons catch the attention of adults and kids; a QR code on labels (left) gives adults more product info.

Spring is on the way and with it, fresh melon. To stand out in the produce department this spring, Giumarra Nogales has created a packaging design for Nature’s Partner brand watermelon that is sure to appeal to kids and their parents.

The Nature’s Partner “eat brighter!” food packaging is straightforward—but rich in visual impact. It comprises individual peel-off labels for the Mexican-grown, seedless watermelons plus corrugated bins for shipping and displaying the melons at retail. The labels and bins will launch when the watermelons start shipping in late March.

In addition to the Nature’s Partner logo, label graphics feature “Sesame Street” characters Oscar or Elmo, and the bins are colorfully decorated with images of Big Bird and Elmo. Yerecic Label designed and supplies the labels; The Giumarra Companies designed the bin graphics in-house.

The brand owner chose a combination of labels and bins to create a one-two impression at the point of sale. The bins’ bold graphics will grab the attention of adults and children from several feet away, and the labels will reinforce the “eat brighter!” message when they come closer.

In addition to the “Sesame Street” graphics, each label will be printed with a quick response (QR) code. Using a smartphone equipped with a QR-reader app, consumers will be able to scan the code to access additional information about the product and brand.

The peel-off labels can be printed on both sides, and Giumarra Nogales plans to make full use of that extra real estate. The product-facing side of each label will be printed with a kid-friendly recipe for watermelon snacks shaped like cupcakes.

Giumarra Nogales has increased its production of seedless watermelon and expects the “eat brighter!” packaging to encourage sales. Specifically, the company anticipates 28% greater shipping volume this spring than in 2014.

Megan Schulz, marketing and communications manager at The Giumarra Companies, explains:

“This volume increase is due to the increase in our supply. In our planning sessions, we already decided on increasing melon hectarage. With the advent of the ‘Sesame Street’ program, we pressed ahead and planted additional hectarage in expectation of increased consumption. The [‘eat brighter!’] program is a great tool for promoting consumption in our industry.”

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