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Mintel New Product of the Month: 2GO drinks



Sold in self-heating cans, Fast Drinks’ 2GO beverages are an example of an exothermal process using CaO (calcium oxide) to produce hot drinks for immediate consumption most anywhere.
The 2GO drinks are encased in tinplate containers with litho-printed instructions on wraparound insulating plastic labels. They can be prepared in as little as three minutes, using a simple sequence of actions: The consumer first removes the bottom lid from the can; he or she then presses firmly into the water container; the consumer shakes the package until the colored water disappears, then turns the package over; and he or she removes the pull-ring on the upper end of the packaging. Three minutes after the activation sequence, the packaged product will be heated and ready to eat or drink.
This product retails in a recyclable 200ml pack, and is available in five varieties—black coffee, cappuccino, chicken soup, hot chocolate, lemon tea and black coffee.

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