New Materials, July 2013

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January 29, 2014

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New Materials, July 2013

Printed woven bag The PolyWoven Bag is produced using extrusion lamination and is suitable for automatic filling systems and is easy to palletize. The bag features a large printing surface including on the bottom. The pinch bottom of the bag is closed with hot melt and the top can be manufactured with different versions like open mouth, flush cut or pinch top, with or without hot melt. The bag is suitable for a variety of products including flour, sugar, rice or pet food.
Mondi Consumer Packaging,
+44 1932 826 300 

PET oxygen scavenger Amosorb Plus is a high-performance oxygen scavenging solution for PET packaging. It offers enhanced container clarity to help achieve aesthetic and recyclability goals. The crystallized PET-based concentrate has a built-in catalyst to promote oxidation. It offers product protection for non-carbonated foods and beverages up to six months or longer depending on container design. Customers can tailor shelf life while reducing container weight for raw materials and transportation savings, the company notes.
PolyOne, 440-930-1000 

Protective packaging resin The R625B Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Shape Molding Resin is ideal for protective packaging and other shape-molding applications. The resin contains 25 percent recycled content. Compared to alternative recycled content EPS products, it is measuredly improved in both resin consistency and processes similar to virgin EPS resin with no additional equipment needed.
NOVA, 403-750-3600

Beverage pallet The all-plastic 1,420x1,120-mm Beverage Pallet is designed for optimum conveyance of a variety of plastic and metal containers for the Asian beverage industry. It is injection foam molded in HDPE or polypropylene plastic, and is dimensionally consistent and compatible with many palletizers, depalletizers, automatic strapping/banding systems and conveyers. Its flow-through rib design offers cleanability and is compatible with various pallet-washing systems. Featuring a 12-block design, larger wall sections and double wall, the high impact resistance reduces the risk of pallet damage, especially from fork tines.
Orbis Corp., 800-890-7292

Tape seals recycled corrugated cases The 3072 is the latest addition to a line of recycled corrugated tape. Designed specifically for use with recycled corrugated boxes, the tapes are stickier than conventional box sealing tapes, the company says, and as a result the versatile, super-sticky tape will stick to most packaging material. The 3072 is formulated for sealing boxes in demanding packaging applications. It has a consistent pressure sensitive, high-performance, hot melt synthetic rubber adhesive system and meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact. It has a strong backing that provides a secure and durable closure and provides high quality, consistent performance with easy unwind.
3M, 651-733-8914 

1-L round HDPE bottles Two new 1-L round containers feature the tactile "Warning of Danger" triangle on the mold design. The HDPE bottles are available in the classic round shape, as well as an ergonomic bullet form. They can be made in regular and heavy-duty weights with standard and child-resistant caps and with or without a dispensing insert.
Nexus, +44 141 429 2525 

rPET trays and bowls The CaterEase is a plastic catering tray and bowl line manufactured with EcoStar food-safe recycled PET. The black, crush- and crack-resistant party platters, bowls and lids are designed to securely, attractively, and sustainably present an assortment of foods like sandwiches, salads, fruits, veggies and desserts. The tight lid seals ensure product freshness, and the durable lid design features no sidewall ribbing for product visibility. The line is made with up to 100 percent post-consumer content from bottles and thermoforms diverted from landfills. The tray base venting system releases trapped air when the lid is snapped on to prevent ballooning and promote stacking.
Placon, 800-541-1535


Strip simplifies box recycling The new patent-pending RecycleStrip allows customers to economically unzip, flatten, store and/or recycle boxes when empty. The product is manufactured using standard paperboard processes, and is a new way for companies to convey to customers a commitment to recycling and sustainable packaging.
RecycleStrip, 201-218-5544 

Stability test bottles Stability bottles use the exact material and color as original large containers such as 55-gallon drums or IBCs, thereby eliminating costs for qualification testing. Caps are included and installed by the company, and unit pricing is available based on quantity of order and materials specified. Two- and 4-oz models are in stock in the three major manufacturers' resins and colors.
Quality Service Products, 614-447-9522

Renewable biopolymers Two new technologies, Renew and Restore, are now available for plastics. The Renew is a renewable thermo polymer derived from agriculture waste process. It is a high-heat renewable biopolymer that is both home and industrial compostable and marine degradable. Restore accelerates the natural biodegradation without any disruption to disposal method or performance. The additives work with light weighted packaging and thin film applications, as well as major resin types.
Enso Plastics, 866-936-3676




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