New opaque packaging protects milk

March 11, 2015

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New opaque packaging protects milk
Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms Pure Protect bottle


Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms Pure Protect bottle

Ask mom what's always on her mind and you're likely to hear: her kids. Are they finishing their homework? Getting enough exercise? Eating the right foods? Now, a packaging innovation from Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms may help put mom's mind at ease.


Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms recently introduced its new white Pure Protect bottle, a specially designed, opaque container developed specifically to protect the purity of milk by blocking light intake. Exposure to any light - even the light in a grocery store - can quickly degrade the quality of milk. In fact, a Cornell University study found that the fluorescent lighting in retail display cases breaks-down the vitamin A and B2 (riboflavin) in bottled milk and creates flavor defects in as little as two hours.] Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms' new white Pure Protect bottle, however, blocks harmful light and helps protect the nutrients and refreshing taste of milk. And taste and nutrition are important to families with growing kids.


"It's been widely known that light can damage the flavor and nutritional integrity of milk," said Elizabeth Fassberg, registered dietician and owner of Eat Food. "Because of this, packaging is key to protecting its taste and health benefits - including vitamin A and B2 (riboflavin)."
"We are a local company committed to the health of the communities we serve," said Frank Mariello, General Manager, Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms. "Our business depends on the well-being of our consumers. That's why we at Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms developed this Pure Protect technology - to help give families the best possible product we can."


Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms' whole, reduced fat, lowfat and fat free fresh white milk varieties in the new white Pure Protect bottle are available at major retailers located across eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.


Source: Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms

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