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Olives go portable with Oloves relaunch





Things are getting bigger and better this October as Oloves relaunch its bags of olives with a new range of fabulously fresh and tasty flavors—and new packaging to match.


"At Oloves, we keep on and on improving everything in our range. For example, we're increasing the size of the olives we use—these new babies are juicier and plumper than before," says Matt Hunt, founder and CEO of Oloves. "We've also created tasty new marinades to keep our loyal fans happy and tempt in new ones. And to really share the love, we've a cool new website and refreshed packaging to show off our new range.


The package is a stand-up pouch with a gusset. Oloves uses a 3-ply material with an aluminium layer to protect the olives from being squashed and keep the pouch standing tall and proud. The pasteurized products have an 18-month shelf life and are packed in a protective atmosphere.


"We are 100 percent natural and, where our competitors chose to use nasty additives, we have kept our olives clean which is obvious in the taste profile. We chose this style because we wanted the bag to stand out from the usual olive jars and offer a light, convenience snack-making olives an everyday on-the-go snack. We have just also gone through a brand re-fresh and have made the design both contemporary and personable, keeping Oloves as the number one snacking olive keeping it high in loveliness and low in calories!" says Claire Sparrow, media relations for Oloves.

"These new flavors and marinades were inspired by our holiday driving around Southern Europe," Hunt says.


The company kept the Tasty Mediterranean (green bag) flavor the same—as it has sold more than seven million since its launch—but tweaked the title and re-named it Basil & Garlic.

Hot Chili Mama (red bag) is now Chili & Oregano. "We kept the red bag design as the flavors and color marry well together, and it works perfectly as the big juicy green olives are seasoned with a little cheeky chili, garlic and oregano," Hunt says. "Lemony Lover (yellow bag) has changed, too. We always loved the zestiness of the lemon but thought the fresh green olives needed a more natural and innocent partner (chili always seems a naughty flavor, that one...) so we infused rosemary and fragrant garlic and simply named this Lemon & Rosemary."


The company has also been asked to create a black olive variant for ages so it's launching Oloves Ripe Black Olive in October 2013. "These juicy black olives are bathing in spicy harissa and fresh garlic—absolutely delicious. We just know that this will be a hit across North America as it's the number one olive consumed across all the States. They won't know what's hit 'em!" Hunt says.

Oloves are growing. Sales are up. The client list is expanding every week. So Hunt has brought in a new team to strengthen the office line-up. Social media experts, designers and copywriting professionals will help the company handle this incremental growth and develop new communication channels with clients, customers and suppliers, as well as enhance all brand design assets.

The company is targeting new channels like Convenience and on-the-go lunches to open up new markets to this low calorie, high taste snack. "We're introducing Oloves as an alternative healthy alternative to be sold in the same trays, baskets and snacking sections as you would find the usual snack products," Hunt says. "To coincide with this new launch, Oloves is now connecting with its friends, family and fans via Facebook and Twitter. New flavors, new packaging, new markets, new website. Things are going crazy here right now and long may it continue!"


Source: Oloves



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