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Packaging preview in 3-D
3-D view

Hammer Packaging, a converter providing both offset and flexo shrink sleeve labels is offering potential customers a sneak 294605-Hammer.jpg


3-D preview of what their product might look like from all angles -- before it's ever made.

Using 3-D rendering software, Hammer can quickly create, test, analyze, communicate and produce designs with 3D visuals, without the need to conduct physical test runs. This toolkit can accommodate asymmetrical shapes and multipacks with a wide variety of substrates. The 3D images accurately predict the end-result and can be used to approve designs faster and cheaper.

The 3-D mock-up is so realistic that customers see upfront what their product looks like before anything is printed. Click on this link to view the 3-D visual of Mastic Blast Green Tea. Use your mose to move the bottle in any direction. Viewers can share a 3-D, PDF, movie or virtual packshot of the result.

For more information, call 585-424-3880.

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