Recharging Body, Mind and Soul

Anton Steeman

January 30, 2014

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Recharging Body, Mind and Soul

Beverage manufacturers are clamouring for a share in the energy drinks market recently enhanced with the newly created one-shot drinks, which promise super-healthy premiums and are attracting older consumers to the category.

81113-Gloji_20Gold_206_20em.jpgAs one-shot drinks are winning over consumers, the ordinary energy drinks are facing the same category fatigue that has blighted the whole segments of the beverage industry such as bottled water and carbonated drinks. The reason is simple: consumers have to get the functional ‘kick’ from an energy drink by having to consume a drink that tastes relatively unappealing as if it was an ordinary soda-pop.

Except when you have an iron-strong brand, like Red Bull, with US sales of about USD 700m and a 65 percent share of the energy drinks market, or Burn from Coca Cola, you have to find a way to attract the consumer, appeal to them and show them your are not the ordinary energized soda-pop in a can.

By using a light bulb-shaped bottle, it visually communicates the idea of “Glowing and Healthy”, representing energy, something that can light-up-your-life.

According to the manufacturer, “Gloji is a new kind of juice ….. a new kind of power, an exciting kind of energy and an unparalleled commitment to health. From the moment you raise this light bulb shaped bottle to your lips you can feel yourself light up, like someone has flipped a switch inside your body. With every sip you will glow brighter with a radiance that comes from a recharged feeling that only a berry as special as the Goji Berry can deliver.”

Since ancient times, Goji berries, harvested from the Tibetan Plateau, “The Roof of the World”, have been known to maintain a balance of Yin & Yang within the entire body, helping to insure a consistent and even flow of vital energy and most importantly, nourish the precious essential Chi.

81113-Gloji_20PM_20web_202.jpgThis innovative 11 oz (325 ml) bottle, shaped exactly like an incandescent filament light bulb, designed by Peter Kao, is made from high white/low-iron glass with the front panel with a gold/silver plated decoration applied by heat transfer, differentiates the product on the shelves. The product details, ingredients and nutrition information are silk-screened onto the back of the bottle. The product is flash pasteurized, contains no preservatives, no sugar or colouring agents.

Seldom one sees a packaging design so perfectly positioning a product. In general the designer tries to convey the message of the product - but does not always succeeds fully, resulting in an extensive need for package graphics or language to convey the benefits.
The designer of the Gloji light bulb, though, has done an excellent job by using shape and form to convey what the product and its benefits is about. The product name suffice, virtually no other information is needed.

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