Sea salt chips pucker up in new bags

March 11, 2015

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Sea salt chips pucker up in new bags

A splash of tangy vinegar and a sprinkle of sea salt cook up a new Kettle Chips potato chip flavor, available in stores from Kettle Foods, Salem, OR, starting in January. The Sea Salt & Vinegar flavor was launched in supermarkets and natural-food stores in 4-oz bags that display redesigned graphics for the entire Kettle chip line. The new flavor is made from whole potato slices, oil and natural seasonings, and the chips contain no trans fat, artificial colors or preservatives. Selling for about $3.79, the new chips combine a tangy vinegar taste with a touch of sea salt and are made from whole potato slices, oil and all natural seasonings. Kettle Foods is so confident that flavor fans will love its new Baked Potato Chips as much as regular Kettle Brand® Potato Chips that it's offering consumers a trade of their opened bags of Kettle Brand® Baked for a sealed, new bag of the Lightly Salted Potato Chips at Redesigned with help from Michael Osborne Design (, the bags, which are produced by Printpack ( using a matte-finished PP film, are flexo-printed with a Snackback Guarantee seal and crisp, clean graphics in six spot colors per bag (four common colors across the line). Kettle Foods also wanted to align the graphics to fit more closely with its original potato chip line in both name and visuals to build on its equity and to highlight its “65-percent less fat” message. The new look communicates a delicious, all-natural flavor fans can expect from the baked version of their favorite kettle chips. Kettle Foods makes and packs the chips at its factory in Salem.

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