Single-dose packets are a marvel for Miracle-Gro

March 11, 2015

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Single-dose packets are a marvel for Miracle-Gro

Scotts Miracle-Gro Products, Inc., Marysville, OH, has launched a no-mess way to feed plants with its new Miracle-Gro® Watering Can Singles™, the same Miracle-Grow all-purpose, water-soluble plant food product in a zippered bag holding 24 premeasured packets. Traditionally packed in bulk in a bag-in-carton equipped with a plastic measuring scoop, the nutrient-rich blue plant food now comes in individual packets that can be torn open and dispensed right into a watering can along with 1 gal of water for outdoor and container plants or 2 gal of water for indoor plants. The film packets are printed with Scotts' green and yellow graphics and can be seen through the clear-film side gussets of the block-bottom secondary bag. The outer metallized film bag has handy tear-notches at the top, just above the zipper and below a die-cut hanger hole. Eye-catching graphics on the front panel feature a green watering can and multicolored flowers that are repeated on the clear film side gussets for an attractive and attention-getting effect. Packaging specifics from Scotts are slim, but PD noticed a striking similarity between the outer package and Printpack's
( Showpack® preformed pouch structure, which has a block-bottom base and a clear-film-laminate side-gusset design. Printpack confirms that it originally supplied the plant-food company with a Showpack, but is no longer doing so. PD picked up a bag for $4.35 in Chicagoland.

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