Study shows Brits and Italians are open to wine in cans

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Study shows Brits and Italians are open to wine in cans



Study shows Brits and Italians are open to wine in cans

Rexam, one of the largest beverage can producers, commissioned online research specialists T-poll to undertake a piece of independent research to better understand the wine preferences and how appealing wine in cans was to the target audience of 18 to 34 year olds.


Having surveyed a 1,000 people, both men and women, split between the U.K. and Italy, in April 2011, the research concludes that there is a real appetite for wine in cans as a packaging option for wine consumers.


When asking how appealing participants found the concept of wine in cans, 58 percent of people sampled thought the idea was appealing, with 67 percent of these finding it highly appealing. When breaking the sample into genders, 65 percent of female respondents agreed that the idea of wine in cans was an appealing concept.


Younger wine consumers have shown an increasing interest in alternative packaging for wine, particularly when it comes to convenience. Out of those surveyed, 62 percent of respondents agreed that wine in a can would be a very convenient format, with a further 54 percent finding the speed at which cans chill, and therefore the wine inside, appealing, which is an important factor at BBQs and parties.


Although wine in cans is suited to both at home and outdoor drinking occasions, 55 percent of participants agreed that wine in cans would be great for picnics and out of home drinking. The need for convenience among consumers was further shown in the results around multipacks and single-serve options. 58 percent of people sampled thought that a wine in can multipack would be appealing for drinking single-serve portions, allowing them to enjoy wine without having to open a whole bottle, which is great for portion control and keeping track of what has been consumed. 80 percent of respondents thought that having a variety of styles in a multipack would be appealing, allowing them to enjoy a range of wines without having to open three separate bottles.


Rexam announced the research at the company's stand during the London International Wine Fair, held at the Excel in May. Wine producers, brand owners and retailers were able to find out firsthand about the business opportunity that wine in cans present. The trend for multipacks was also confirmed, with a number of stand visitors responding positively to the multipacks on display, including some well known retail companies.


Kym Hamer, marketing manager at Rexam Beverage Can, was delighted with the outcome of both the wine fair and the research; "We at Rexam have always believed in cans as an alternative packaging for wine. Although bottles will always have their place, wine in cans is perfect for on the go consumption when bottles often become impractical, and it is great to see that the consumers involved in the research agree with this. The research has shown that there is an appetite for convenient wine packaging formats and with summer just round the corner, now is the time for wine companies to embrace this new trend."


Source: Rexam Beverage Can



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