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July 17, 2015

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Top 4 articles at mid-year 2015 trumpet innovations in beverage and food packaging

Beverage packaging examples are clear winners for our innovation-thirsty audience, as our No.1 and No.2 articles of the year showcase high-impact designs for beer, wine, spirits and other non-alcohol drinks. Two other articles about trends and innovations in food packaging complete our quartet.

Starting in reverse order with the No.4 top article of 2015 (so far), we have “7 packaging innovations fit for foodservice.” These seven wonders of the NRA show were uncovered during a visit to the National Restaurant Association expo in mid-May, which revealed a Super Jug (pictured) with an unconventional non-existent “handle,” the first shelf-stable hummus multipack and five other dishes.

Next, we serve up critical packaging trends…


No.3 on our list is an early January feature that outlined “5 critical packaging trends for 2015,” which were driven by shifts in consumer living and attitudes. In my opinion, the insights about the urban renaissance, simple yet stylish design, digital dominance and eco emphasis were dead-on and are continuing to influence packaging design and functionality. What do you think?

Next, we get touchy-feely about beverage breakthroughs…


At No.2, our beverage barrage starts with “10 beverage packaging breakthroughs that get touchy-feely with consumers.” In early March, after seeing one cool beverage package after another since we popped the cork on a New Year’s Eve bottle of bubbly, we decided to toast them all for their sheer ingenuity. From Carlsberg’s Green Fiber Bottle initiative to a bartender-friendly spirits bottle (shown above), each deserves a nod.

Next, our No.1 package is full of surprises, except one…


We’re not surprised that a new beer package tops our list; stories about beer always do well with our audience. “Mysterious Oculto beer serves on-package surprises” vaulted to the No.1 spot for well-deserved reasons—its brand owner, Anheuser-Busch created packaging that brings out the lager’s mysterious positioning with some first-time packaging design treatments for the category. Metallic printing on the carton and tactile embossing on the bottle’s neck are both new for beer. Additionally, other tactile features and thermochromatic ink on the bottle’s label elevate the consumer’s drinking experience.

Hope you got your fill of packaging innovations in our mid-year countdown.

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