Unit-load stacker

January 29, 2014

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Unit-load stacker

The PS600 slipsheet unit-load stacker is designed to stack unit loads without pallets. It mounts on one side of the unit-load conveyor and holds the stretch-wrapped unit-loads in position with a positive stop-gate. The load stacker uses linear rails and bearings to move multiple support bars between the rollers under the unit-load. A PLC controls the unit and can communicate with the conveyor, the stretch wrapper and the unitizer. Loads are raised and lowered with a variable, electric drive system. The PS600's standard setup handles 40348-in. unit loads traveling broadside first. The carriage can be adapted to handle a range of unit-load sizes. Featuring a heavy-duty, four-post steel frame, the stacker is suitable for high-volume warehousing operations.

Kolinahr Systems, Inc., 513/745-9401. www.kolinahr.cc

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