Up for a latte? Whynatte!

Lauren R. Hartman

January 29, 2014

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Up for a latte? Whynatte!

150017-whynatte_v2.jpgWhynatte Enterprises' Whynatte Latte, an 8-oz ready-to-drink premium latte with energy ingredients, initially went into markets in Atlanta, but has tangoed its way to New York, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado and Ohio. Stemming from an inside joke and the name of a cocktail created friends who now manage Whynatte Enterprises, the latte beverage is being snapped up everywhere. The cocktail was made using a hot latte mixed with a cold shot of Jagermeister and it got so popular in Atlanta that its makers decided to concoct a coffee beverage and use it as a mixer in bars and clubs. Its tall black can features a splursch of latte at the bottom, accented with gold lettering. The cottage industry became too much for the developers who eventually couldn't make enough of the stuff, which is said to have a creamy and smoother coffee base along with energy ingredients, to satisfy demand, which led them a few years later to start a copmany and their own coffee beverage under the Whynatte Enterprises moniker.

Source: Bevnet.com, 5/18/09

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