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WPO recognizes packaging education programs around the worldWPO recognizes packaging education programs around the world

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WPO recognizes packaging education programs around the world


The WPO (World Packaging Organization) Education Committee has just developed a procedure for recognizing good quality education and training programs from its members and others. The new system will also allow information about these programs to be placed on its website and will permit organizations with recognized courses and/or qualifications to endorse these as "Recognized by the World Packaging Organization."


"We have been working on this for quite a long time because WPO is aware of the lack of availability and recognition of packaging education programs in many parts of the world," explains Keith Pearson, WPO President. The recognition and the whole system is open to all types of curricular education and training programs from short courses to those lasting for much longer, including university degrees.


Recently WPO supported two important packaging education programs. The one in Ghana, organized by the Institute of Packaging, Ghana (IOPG) and the Institute of Packaging South Africa, both WPO members, ended with the graduation of the first six students who successfully completed the 10-month Diploma in Packaging Technology Training Course.


The other was a result of the cooperation program for training and capacity building under the India-Africa Summit. It was a two weeks training in Food Packaging Technology, organized in Mumbai and attended by 14 participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Madagascar Mali, Niger, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Botswana.


More information about the "Recognized by the World Packaging Organization" procedures, contact Gordon Stewart at [email protected].


Source: World Packaging Organization


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