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PMMI Names New Board Members, Executive Committee

The PMMI membership last week elected six new members to the PMMI Board of Directors. In addition, the Board of Directors elected its Executive Committee for the coming year.

Nominating Committee Chairman Bob Risley, corporate development executive, Intralox, LLC, noted PMMI’s bylaws require the Board to reflect the composition of the PMMI membership in terms of geography and company size.

"Although not prescribed in our bylaws, we also look for members who have already demonstrated a commitment to PMMI. That would mean active members, ones who have a proven record of stepping up to lead," Risley added.

The following packaging industry leaders will start their four-year terms January 1, 2009:

Richard A. Bahr, CEO and President, MGS Machine Corporation: MGS Machine Corporation is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of feeding, orienting and cartoning machines. MGS Machine Corporation has been a member of PMMI since 1983.

Jeffrey Bigger, President and Owner, MASSMAN Automation Designs, LLC: MASSMAN Automation Designs, LLC, is a Minnesota-based manufacturer of palletizing and depalletizing, and case erecting, sealing and loading machinery. MASSMAN Automation Designs joined PMMI in 2005.

Richard P. Fox, Jr., President and CEO, FOX IV Technologies, Inc.: FOX IV Technologies, Inc., is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of bar coding and labeling machinery. FOX IV Technologies joined PMMI in 1999.

Rocky Marquis, President, MARQ Packaging Systems, Inc.: MARQ Packaging Systems, Inc., is a Washington-based manufacturer of case loading, erecting and sealing machinery. MARQ Packaging Systems has been a PMMI member since 1977.

Mark S. Reichert, President, A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation: A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation is a Florida-based manufacturer of palletizing and depalletizing machinery, as well as case loading, erecting and sealing machinery. A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation has been a member of PMMI since 1948.

Carol Shuttleworth, President & CEO, Shuttleworth, Inc.: Shuttleworth, Inc., is an Indiana-based manufacturer of accumulating and conveying machinery. Shuttleworth, Inc., joined PMMI in 1967.

"I would like to thank the new Board members for the contributions they’ve already made to the packaging industry, and I look forward to working with them to move this great organization forward," said PMMI Chairman Jim Anderson, Marlen.

Anderson also announced PMMI’s 2009 Executive Committee, which the Board voted for during its Sept. 22 meeting:

Chairman of the Board: Randy L. Spahr, Goodman Packaging Equipment

Vice Chairman: Glenn R. Siegele, Omega Design Corporation

Past Chairman: James E. Anderson, Marlen

President & CEO: Charles D. Yuska, PMMI

Last week’s vote took place during PMMI’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

For more information, contact Matt Croson, Vice President of Member Services, PMMI: [email protected] or 703.516.0671.

About PMMI
PMMI is a trade association with more than 550 member companies that manufacture packaging and packaging-related converting machinery, commercially available packaging machinery components, containers and materials in the United States and Canada. PMMI’s vision is to be the leading global resource for packaging, and its mission is to improve and promote members’ abilities to succeed in a global marketplace. PMMI organizes the PACK EXPO trade shows: PACK EXPO International, PACK EXPO Las Vegas and EXPO PACK Mexico. Learn more about PMMI at

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