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March 5, 2018

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Customizable magnetic dropper adds unique functionality to skin care

Magnetic closures have been popular in the cosmetics market for many years, helping to create elegant and easy-open packages. This sealing feature is now available for skin care products in a new magnetic dropper.

Developed and patented by Virospack, the new magnetic dropper is manufactured in Badalona (Barcelona), Spain, and available for customers around the globe, including the U.S. (Virospack is represented in the U.S. by SGB Packaging.)

Instead of a screw-off gesture, a simple twist of the closure separates the two magnets holding the dropper in place and allows consumers to easily remove it for product application.

The closure consists of two components:

• A dropper—with a cap that can be painted or metallized, a pipette and a rubber bulb. 

• A bottle neck cover—a beveled embellisher that covers the shoulder of the vial and functions as a wiper for the pipette.

The closure’s clip-on bezel (the sealing ring) fits FEA15 vials, which is one of the most common bottle necks in cosmetics packaging.

Because of the way the multi-component closure is designed, different decorating options—materials and colors—on the separate parts allow the closure to be easily customized or personalized. And when mated with a different container (rounds or squares, for example), the final package can be quite specific to a brand.

Gustavo Bay, project leader in the technical department, and Rosa Porras, marketing communications manager, at Virospack share a few more details about this development.

Is this new dropper commercialized? Are any customers using it yet?

Porras: Not yet. We have just introduced this new concept of droppers on the market with excellent response from customers.

We have already received some requests for technical information and some queries from different brands that have expressed interest, but we will need some time to have a final project manufactured and decorated for a brand in the market.

Each order is a new project because we always manufacture under an order, ensuring the perfect personalization of the packaging, even with standard references, according to the briefing and positioning of each brand.

How secure is the seal from leaks?

Bay: Totally secure, according Virospack standard tests, and approved by many of our customers, which are some of the best well-known brands worldwide.

Where are the four poles of the magnets positioned?

Bay: The four poles are positioned in each face to magnet to 90 degrees (positive-negative-positive-negative).


Is there a magnet on the removable portion of the closure, too, or just on the section that stays with the vial?

Bay: The magnet is on the removable portion too.

What is the force needed to lift the dropper from the magnet?

Bay: We need a minimum torque of 0.02Nm [Newton meter, which is a measurement of torque].

By substituting the typical screw-on gesture, is this closure easier to remove?

Bay: Yes. The sealing is really hermetic but for removing it you won’t need any effort.

What are the consumer benefits of the new sealing mechanism?

Bay: It’s easy and comfortable to use. Only one movement to open and one to close.

How many different design versions of the magnetic dropper can be created by customizing the two parts?

Bay: Currently in our catalogue we have two versions of a cap design, with many different finishes.

We can, of course, develop a specific customer design.

Does the new design affect closure application on the packaging line? Any slow down because of the magnetic properties?

Porras: As always, we can offer the best service also with the Magnetic Dropper. As a result of our expansion plan that started five years ago, Virospack has made a big investment in facilities, machinery, molds and decoration techniques to respond to market demand. In our new production unit, we have modern and fast machines, and automatic production lines that allow us the best cost efficiency with flexibility.


How much does the magnetic dropper cost?

Porras: It will depend on the finish chosen by the brand.

Is there a “standard” version?

Porras: Yes. We have developed a new concept of dropper in two standard options of cap.

What other markets beyond cosmetics and personal care products could benefit from this technology?

Porras: We only manufacture for cosmetic brands: skin care, nails, hair and makeup.


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