Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

May 5, 2017

The new FillCapp system from Zalkin, shown at interpack 2017, is designed to serve small, cost-conscious customers or contract packagers looking for the ultimate in production flexibility. The filler/capper sells for less than $100,000, has a small footprint, and offers production flexibility to handle different product viscosities, container sizes and caps.

The system adds filling heads to the company’s single-head TM300 capper. The Zalkin system at interpack 2017 (Hall 14, Booth E31) was set up with one filling head (see video), but there is room for up to three. With three heads, output is about 60 bottles per minute; two heads produce up to 40 bottles per minute. Filling accuracy is between +/- 0.25% to 0.50%.

The FillCapp is high on production flexibility because it:

• Applies continuous-thread (screw on) or roll-on pilfer-proof (ROPP) closures, as well as push-on (T-cork) caps.

• Works with various filling technologies, including volumetric, piston, Coriolis mass flow meter, magnetic flow meter and net weight/scale.

• Can adjust the pump to accommodate all types of liquid viscosities.

• Easily changes the height for both the capper and filler with a single handwheel, for fast no-tool changeover.

• Handles containers up to 5 inches in diameter, whether they are glass or plastic.

The short video clip above shows the system cycling through without any packages.

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