Oxygen-scavenging product

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

1 Min Read
Oxygen-scavenging product

The co. offers an oxygen-scavenging product in PET containers, which limits exposure to oxygen and maintains product quality while extending shelf life. The product is manufactured from a blend of PET and an oxygen-scavenging concentrate, which together create an active barrier against the ingress of oxygen through the walls of the containers. The ability to tightly control oxygen ingress enables PET containers to keep products fresher, more vibrant in color and tasting better for longer, the co. states. This helps ensure product quality, consistency and extended shelf-life for a wide range of oxygen-sensitive products including tomato-based products, fruit juices and citrus products. The product is fully compliant with both European and U.S. food standards.

M&H Plastics, +44 1502 715518. www.mhplastics.com


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