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Packaging materials: Amcor wins three European Aluminum Foil Association trophies

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Packaging materials: Amcor wins three European Aluminum Foil Association trophies

Amcor received a trophy in the Product Preservation category for its part in the development of a blood glucose monitoring system -- the Roche Accu-Chek Mobile.

Accu-Chek's mobile blood diagnostic device, utilizes a highly water-sensitive test tape cassette, which is sealed into the cassette by an alufoil strip coated with PP. Designed to provide the correct peel force for opening, the alufoil also helps dispense the test tape. A peelable alufoil seal is used for the PP tray that holds the cassette.

Amcor was also awarded a Trophy in the Technical Innovation category for the use of alufoil to produce the template for Geistlich Pharma’s Chondro Gide®
(AMIC – Surgical Technique).

A major innovation is that the template forms part of the product. The surgery package from Geistlich Pharma includes the individually wrapped template with which the surgeon can take an impression of the damaged cartilage and cut the replacement to match appropriately.

The PE-coated alufoil meets the high demands for hygiene in the manufacturing process including microbiological testing.

Amcor received a European Aluminum Foil Association (EAFA) Trophy 2010 for Overall Excellence for their innovative product ALUTIN; a new material for wine and champagne caps produced using an innovative alufoil-based polylaminate material. ALUTIN Provides good formability and a smooth finish, it is a cost efficient alternative to traditional ‘tin’ and can be used for complicated bottle necks without creating wrinkles opening up new markets for polylaminate caps in markets for special bottle shapes across spirits, wines and champagne.

SOURCE: Amcor Limited


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