Paperboard pyramids cushion fixtures

January 29, 2014

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Paperboard pyramids cushion fixtures

In-transit damage is no longer an issue at Norwell Lighting Fixtures, East Taunton, MA. Exquisite glass chandeliers, pendant lamps, wall sconces and other products are now shipped with loose-fill paperboard pyramids produced at the point of packing.

The 3D, 11/2-in. board pyramids are formed from a perforated flat sheet processed by a machine that automatically bursts and folds the sheet, feeding directly into the shipper. Known as ExpandOS (for expand on site) from Vertex Internal Packaging Solutions (, the pyramids are made efficiently, with one truckload of sheet expanding to fill 25 truckloads with the shock-absorbent material. The recyclable pyramids are said to have been tested successfully against ISTA and ASTM standards.

Norwell operations manager Jim Defley notes, "Damage has gone to zero since the implementation of ExpandOS. Employee training time was cut in half, and our packaging workspace requirements were drastically reduced."

Marking the cushioning system's rollout, Vertex says it is offering a free on-site demonstration, including packing 100 boxes at the user's plant.

Vertex Internal Packaging Solutions, 866/909-6266.

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