Resealability losing impact, study says

John Kalkowski

January 29, 2014

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Resealability losing impact, study says
Resealable packaging

A new Consumer Network survey of how well packaging fits shoppers' needs suggests that shoppers are tiring of resealability. Summarizing the results in the January 2011 Shopper Report, publisher Mona Doyle writes: "Shoppers have experienced so many kinds of reclosures that the function or lack of it has lost its power."


Using a 5-point scale, shoppers responding to the survey ranked microwavable cups and canisters (4.2) well above slide closures that zip along top or side (3.6) and aseptic boxes for soup (4.3) above glass jars with twist-off lids (3.6)


Among the other packaging types that got low scores on this survey of how well packaging fits current needs were paperboard canisters with snap-on lids (3.0), paperboard cartons with twist off caps (3.0) and tape for sealing fold-over bags of cookies (2.8).


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