Pierce Covert

July 2, 2014

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The secret to creating beautiful turned edge packages

When it comes to turned edge packages, finding the right adhesive can make all the difference in creating attractive, resilient, economical and affordable designs—and creating that kind of packaging is vital for business success.

“No matter how great or charming your sales pitch, it’s almost impossible to change a first impression,” says Philippa Law, Get Busy Media. “This is why making a first impression with a product is absolutely vital if you wish for it to be successful, and like it or not, the first impression any potential customer makes might be derived almost exclusively from its packaging.”

Ask yourself: What is your current product packaging saying about your brand? What impression does it create? Is it impressive and slick, or is it flimsy and poor in quality?

“When it comes to planning your packaging, it is worth spending time and money to get it right,” says Alison Coleman, The Guardian. “It is not just a case of coming up with something you think looks great. You have to think about storage, transport, the environment and whether it fits in with retail buyers’ requirements.”

So to help make the most of the packaging you use, consider the following insider tips. Whether you’re making staff binders or product boxes, here is what you need to keep in mind.

  1. Pick the right adhesive: The type of adhesive used in a product’s packaging plays a significant role in how the overall materials can stand up to heat, stay sealed and protect the products inside. Will you be transporting food? You’ll need food-safe packaging adhesives that minimize risk to consumers and comply with federal guidelines for the food packaging industry. “Several chemical substances are present in adhesives,” says NI Business Info. “When they are used in food packaging, these substances may have the potential to transfer or migrate from the adhesive to the foodstuffs.” Whatever your industry, though, look for an established packaging manufacturer—one that will provide samples of packaging before you order, so you can examine seals and quality firsthand.

  2. Make it eye-catching: Any business can tell you that pretty packaging is more than fun to look at; it’s also easier for customers to be drawn to and remember. People care about presentation—so why not do “something interesting and unconventional by using Styrofoam, rubber bands, veneer or elastane,” as Creative Bloq suggests? One of the beauties of today’s packaging world is that design options are virtually unlimited. From colors to embossing to foil stamping and more, there are plenty of options for making your package a true eye-catcher. Whether you go with a box that features intricate designs or a binder with bright colors and branding, you gain a new way to impress your audience with the way you bundle products.

  3. Pick the right size: A package that’s too big makes your product look small, and a package that’s too small makes your product get crushed and shoved inside—so pick packaging that will instead fit your objects perfectly. Because packaging options come in various sizes, they can be used to house anything from branded promotional items to company manuals to products, such as software. Look for an option that doesn’t have a lot of excess space to stuff with filler. The better the packaging suits your product, the more impressive it will feel.

  4. Go custom: A customized book box or binder can be just what an event, presentation or marketing material needs to stand out. Outfitted with your unique logo and graphics, custom packaging demonstrates a special touch to customers. “Whatever stands out clearly in the monotonous competitive environment, whatever is surprising scores points with the consumer,” says an article at Interpack, a leading processes and packaging trade fair. “Special effort makes a special impression—and is allowed to cost more too.” Because there are so many options available in the turned edge packaging market right now, there are many ways to create a look that suits your brand.

Looking at the above list, are you already making the most of your products’ packaging? To wow your clients and amplify your branding, pick high-quality materials, make them eye-catching, choose the right size and design a custom look that will add to your product’s value.

Pierce Covert is the president of Glue Machinery Corp., a company that builds sells and services industrial hot-melt and cold-glue systems used worldwide by a range of manufacturers.

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