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November 21, 2017

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Versatile bagger makes extra-nice-looking Doyen pouches

New features on Bosch SVE vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machines help improve the neatness of seals to consistently create attractive packages for when appearance really matters—and, in today’s highly competitive market, when does it not? Being able to eliminate unsightly wrinkles in the film, especially around the seals, can be the difference between getting a sale or not.

The continuous-motion bagger from Bosch Packaging Systems is able to seal all the way to the edges of heat-sealable films, even for corner seals. Plus it can seal on both sides of the zipper flange (top and bottom) to prevent product from getting stuck underneath the zipper as the consumer inverts the pouch to dispense the product (typically free-flowing foods).

But the real innovation is how it makes the bottom Doyen-style gusset. The system punches four holes in the flat film—before it feeds into the forming tube—in both corners on either side of the gusset. This exposes the inner heat-sealable layers in the gusset film, which then come into contact to make a neat bottom. This means brand owners don’t need more expensive outside-sealable film to produce Doyen-style pouches. According to Bosch, “The creation of the bottom gusset of the doy package is now matching the process of horizontal machines and can use the same popular film structures at a fraction of the footprint.”


Examples of the types of packages that can be produced on the SVE system.

In addition to the Doyen pouch (zippered or not), the versatile VFFS machine can make other popular bag formats: pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner seal and three-sided seal. Changeovers from a pillow pack to the zippered Doyen pouch are done within 30 minutes. Color coding on the bagger components helps facilitate the changeover for better uptime.

Speeds are 100 packages per minute for Doyen and 200 per minute for pillow pouches.

Gas flushing and dust extraction are optional.


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