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Fragrance sampler discreetly sits in flashy necklace


Rexam Swarovski sampler necklace

The Swarovski-crystalled necklace worn at the recent Luxe Pack Show in Monaco was a stunning one-off meeting of the design flair of La Factory and Rexam's sampler technology.


It was a combination, show-goers learned, that underscored the promotional possibilities inherent in today's fragrance sampler world, where almost nothing, it seems, is beyond the reach of today's creative suppliers.


La Factory, a France-based packaging solutions provider to the fragrance industry, created the gold and silver-toned cylindrical sheaths, which cleverly housed Rexam Sof'Press mini-dispensers. They were chosen for their slim dimensions, appealing ergonomics and powerful spray characteristics, which recreate the experience of a full-sized retail product—although such promotions are possible with other Rexam samplers as well.


Sheathed in sparkling Swarovski crystals, the appealing amulets—worn about the neck with distinctive lariat necklaces—created a buzz throughout the exhibition hall.


"With this dressing mixing metal and cristal, La Factory has rewritten the code in packaging by turning the Sof'Press into a jewel," says Remi De Precourt, sales director at La Factory.


"When you can win the attention of a crowd of industry professionals as experienced and savvy as this one here at Monaco, then you know you have something special," says Emmanuelle Hermandesse, category manager for  mini-products at Rexam's Personal Care Div. "Today's mini-product programs are powerful tools for exciting current customers and ensuring the success of a new launch. And our ability to work with customers to capture consumer attention is truly exciting."

Adds Hermandesse, "This collaboration marked the successful teaming of two packaging industry suppliers and represents the way such high-impact promotions can be created. Cosmetic companies strive to create new promotional ideas and it is our role, as suppliers, to work as a team and provide the global support to ensure success."

Source: Rexam Personal Care Div.


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