Global healthcare packaging market to hit $87.3 billion in 2011

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Global healthcare packaging market to hit $87.3 billion in 2011

The report The Healthcare Packaging Market 2011-2021 analyzes industry trends occurring in the global healthcare packaging industry and anticipates the progression in the market over the next decade. The report also surveys recent market trends among major companies and reveals where the healthcare packaging market will experience growth, exploring the market's strengths and weaknesses with targeted forecasts. This analysis has concluded that the global value of the healthcare packaging market will reach $87.3bn in 2011.


Healthcare packaging is a vital industry which is directly linked to economic development. As emerging economies grow, demand for healthcare packaging will increase, strengthening the market for this vital industry.


The 134 page report examines the scope of growth available in the healthcare industry through products such as caps and closures, blister packs, plastic bottles, prefillable syringes, vials and ampoules. The report also discusses the developments related to the changing demographics of the world population, developing infrastructure, emerging economies, rising GDPs, and the impact of laws and regulations on the healthcare industry.


This detailed study analyses the global healthcare industry and explores the potential of emerging markets to strengthen overall healthcare demand, as a result of rising GDPs and corresponding developments in activities relating to packaging. Countries continue to invest in healthcare development and corresponding strong demand is expected for healthcare packaging, allowing for robust market growth.


Furthermore, innovations driven by consumer preferences and environmental concerns will create new and exciting opportunities in the healthcare packaging market.




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