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Makeover of the Month: Packaging educates consumers on value of premium skin care brand



Mederma new

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy is lighting up retail shelves with an upgraded package that addresses major retail challenges for brand owner Merz. 


The product has one retail facing, usually on the bottom shelf among a disparate array of skin care products. It also has a $40 price tag, which is higher than most drugstore products, and which also earns it security devices in some stores.


Merz engaged branding partner Little Big Brands (www.littlebigbrands.com) to answer the call. The project kicked off with a robust structure exploratory with the goal of keeping the current footprint and material costs, while working harder to catch the consumer's eye. It also had to better educate the consumer, while validating the high price tag.


The winning design delivers on all levels, with the new structure providing a canvas for much stronger branding. The front panel is a flap that opens to reveal the tube inside and provides valuable space to educate consumers on product benefits. The curved panel shape is a subtle nod to the female silhouette, as women are the brand's primary consumers. Special attention was given to structure integrity (outer and inner tube), and ease of access while protecting secondary packaging from tampering.


Mederma old

Graphically, the redesign features easily identifiable branding on front, side and top to capture consumers at every angle. A bright magenta was selected to add vibrancy when placed on lower store shelves and foil board was selected that has a high concentration of white to address recessiveness. The front panel and tube incorporate fading silver graphics to mimic the smoothing product claims. When opened, the front flap reveals the tube inside and highlights before/after photography as well as clinical trial results.


Pharma Packaging Solutions (www.pharmapackagingsolutions.com) supplies the cartons, which feature special brushed nickel silver foil board. The new package also offers a security label from Checkpoint Systems (www.checkpointsystems.com).


"We have a fantastic product that was often overlooked on shelf because its aesthetic was so quiet," says Jessica Wright, associate director of marketing, Merz. "The redesign not only gave Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy a much more premium look, it also works better functionally for the consumer. And the best part—you literally cannot miss it!"



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