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Mini-brush helps ladies tame the browMini-brush helps ladies tame the brow

March 11, 2015

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Mini-brush helps ladies tame the brow


Urban Decay Urban Brow

Urban Decay Urban Brow

Created to keep unruly brows in check, the Urban Brow is one of the latest collaborations between edgy beauty brand Urban Decay and its packaging supplier HCT CA.


Inspired by the hairspray on toothbrush trick, the innovative mini brush evenly distributes the formulation, proving more effective than the traditional spiral brush at grooming brows into shape.


HCT CA provided a full service for the brow gel, formulating the clear setting gel to ensure natural lasting hold, and made the sleek and tactile packaging. 

Samantha Tsang, director of project management for HCT CA, says Urban Decay was specific about its requirements when it came to the development of this product. " They wanted a formula that wouldn't stiffen, but would also tame and hold unruly brows in place," Tsang says. "They also wanted the applicator to mimic a mini toothbrush—which is the best tool to shape eyebrows. HCT have delivered just that. The tip is custom designed exclusively for Urban Decay. The density of the brush head and stiffness of the bristles perfectly compliments the formulation. We also built a custom Nitril wiper to act like fingers around the unique brush shape so that just the right amount of product is left on the brush for perfect application."

Alberto Acquati, svp product sales for HCT CA, adds, "Urban Brow is another HCT custom-made formula specifically developed for Urban Decay. A soft gel-like texture that dries fast and shapes brow in place without stiffness and with just the right amount of hold. Enriched with Panthenol and Vitamin E to help nourish, repair and condition your brow hair."

Source: HCT Packaging


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