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New program diverts soap refill packaging away from landfills, helps nonprofits

Linda Casey

March 11, 2015

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New program diverts soap refill packaging away from landfills, helps nonprofits


Method, which sells eco-friendly household and personal care products, and TerraCycle Inc. have created a new way for families to recycle their used packaging while supporting their favorite charities. 

By joining the Method Refill Brigade, families can collect their used soap refill packaging and send it to TerraCycle. For each unit of packaging received, TerraCycle and Method will pay two cents to a charity of the collector's choice. The collected packaging will be turned into trash cans, coolers and other home goods.

"At Method, we make sure we're using safe and sustainable materials and that our products are manufactured responsibly," says Adam Lowry, Method co-founder. "That doesn't stop at our packaging. We make most of our bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic and we want to make sure once all of our bottles and pouches are empty, there is a way for them to be recycled."

TerraCycle, which is known for collecting difficult-to-recycle packaging and upcycling or recycling it into new products, has created the free fundraising programs called Brigades to encourage consumers people to divert packaging away from landfills. To date, more than 1.8 billion pieces of waste have been kept out of landfills, almost $2 million has been paid to schools and non-profits and almost 70,000 locations are sending their packaging to TerraCycle.

Speaking about Method's participating in the Brigades program, TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky says, "Its customers are already interested in protecting their environment, inside and out, and we hope customers will see how easy it is to send us the packaging instead of to their local landfills." 



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