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Packaging at Interphex

Interphex, the world's largest and longest-running pharmaceutical industry show, opens April 15 for three days at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. A broad-based global event, the show provides information and solutions for the entire pharmaceutical development process, from drug discovery through manufacturing and packaging. More than 700 exhibitors are expected, including 100 that are directly related to the packaging function.

Show Hours

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16

Wednesday, April 17

The upstairs Galleria opens at 9 a.m. daily


Pharmaceutical Contract Services
& Outsourcing Symposium

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16

Wednesday, April 17


Interphex Conference

Monday, April 15


Gartner's Pharma-IT Summit

Monday, April 15

Tuesday, April 16

Exhibits include packaging machinery, inspection systems, finished packages and materials, quality assurance and quality control testing, computer systems and services, automation software, distribution/warehousing, and contract packaging–among others.

Industries represented include ethical drugs, proprietary drugs, cosmetics, vitamins, health & nutrition, raw materials, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutraceuticals, veterinary, food/confection, and manufacturing processes.

The Interphex conference program features application-oriented, problem-solving seminars and workshops organized into five tracks–packaging, automation, manufacturing, validation and 150263-0302inter1.jpg facilities. Four seminars and one workshop cover packaging. Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging will be held Monday from 9 to 10:30 a.m.; Automatic Product and Package Inspection: A Technology Update, from 10:45 a.m. to noon Monday; How to Develop and Implement a Quick Changeover Program, from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesday; Security Packaging: How to Implement a Quick Changeover Program, 9 to 10:15 a.m. on Wednesday; and Optimization of Blister Pack Design, 10:45 a.m. to noon on Wednesday.

Interphex is part of the International Pharmaceutical Industry Congress, organized by Reed Exhibitions. Also running simultaneously with Interphex is the inaugural Pharmaceutical Contract Services & Outsourcing Expo, a practical education program that offers real-world case studies and seminars. The also-new Pharma-IT Expo and Conference examines the business models and technologies that enable pharmaceutical process automation, integration and innovation. The IT event is a collaboration between Reed Exhibitions and Gartner, Inc., a research and advisory firm. Separate registration is required for this event. For information, visit www.gartner.com/us/pharmait or call 800/778-1997.

Registration for the exhibition is available by phone at 888/334-8704. For more information or to register online or download a faxable registration form, call 203/840-5650 or visit www.interphex.reedexpo.com

Following is a preview of packaging-related exhibits.

Accu-Sort Systems–2445: Features a compact, fixed-position, CCD-based bar-code reader for omnidirectional decoding of both linear and 2D bar codes. The unit includes camera, lens, illumination and decoder, all in a housing small enough to fit in a person's hand. Circle No. 434.

Adolph Gottscho–2411: Introduces new printing system with programmable unit for both fixed and variable data. These printers yield high-quality imprints, scannable bar codes and universal product codes in solvent-base, water-base or UV-cure inks. Circle No. 435.

Alcoa Flexible Packaging–2421: Introduces Integripeel™ foil/film lidding, its patented, cohesive easy-to-peel lidding that secures the integrity of packaged product until open. Circle No. 436.

All-Fill–2084: Designs, manufactures, sells and services semi-automatic and automatic dry and liquid filling equipment, checkweighers and feed systems. Also, engineers and supplies full lines and systems integration. Circle No. 437.

B.A.G.–2449: Introduces the Pharmabag™ container for applications in highly sensitive pharmaceutical formulations. The Pharmabag container is constructed of woven PP using proprietary Clean Seal® cutting technology. Circle No. 438.

Baldor Electric–2129: Displays servo motors and controls, including washdown models, gear motors, including washdown and stainless, linear motors and controls, and washdown AC and DC motors and drives. Circle No. 439.

Banner Engineering–2330: Full line of photoelectric controls, including clear label detectors, registration mark sensors, vision inspection systems, fiberoptics, miniature sensors, laser measurement and inspection sensors, light curtain arrays, ultrasonic sensors, optical touch buttons, and safety light curtains, safety modules and safety relays. Circle No. 440.

Capmatic Ltd.–1282: Exhibits packaging and production machinery for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Specializes in monoblocks such as fillers, rubber stoppers, crimpers and filler/plugger cappers. Circle No. 441.

Chase-Logeman–1275: New ATL-500S automatic servo-controlled tray loader capable of loading over 400 vials/min from 2- to 500 mL. 100-percent digital control yields fast, menu-driven changeovers. Circle No. 442.

Cognex–2329: Demonstrates its award-winning In-Sight™ machine vision sensors. In-Sight sensors are low-cost, high-performance, online inspection devices that perform a wide range of inspection tasks. Circle No. 443.

Cozzoli Machine–2308: Mini Monoblock machine, designed to accommodate a compact space, with hood isolation and laminar flow. Fills liquids or powders, then stoppers or caps, at speeds to 60 containers/min. Circle No. 444.

CVC Technologies–2158: Introduces the CVC 1220 tablet/capsule counting machine, and displays SelfSet™ labeling machines for wrap-around, top, front/back wrap and ampoules. Also folding, printing, cartoning and other specialty equipment. Circle No. 445.

Dibipack–2509: The co. will exhibit the Dibipack 4255 Plus "one-step" shrink-wrap system, which is a combination L-sealer and tunnel that offers an alternative to more expensive sealer/tunnel combinations. Circle No. 446.

Dorner Mfg.–866: Provides precision low-profile belt and plastic chain conveyors made to order for specific applications. Sizes range from 1- to 48-in. wide, and 2- to 100-ft long. Includes sanitary (washdown) conveyors, automation conveyors, and conveyors for elevation change. Circle No. 447.

Dow Chemical–2950: Heat-transfer fluids, offering three distinct fluid chemistries, including SYLTHERM™ silicone fluids, DOWTHERM™ synthetic organic fluids, and DOWTHERM and DOWFROST™ inhibited glycol-based fluids. Circle No. 448.

Drug Plastics and Glass–1863: Complete line of HDPE, LDPE, PP and PET bottles, jars and closures. Containers include PET Apothecary Rounds and Medicament Squares, and high-density Porcelene™. Circle No. 449.

DT Industries, Stokes div.–1171: Designs and manufactures tablet presses, compaction equipment and specialty equipment. Complete engineering and rebuild facilities available. Circle No. 450.

DT Packaging Systems–1238: New 300-blister/min blister-packaging machine, featuring rotary sealing, all- servo controls, and stainless-steel construction. Also new tube filler, as well as equipment from other DT companies. Circle No. 451.

DuPont Authentication Systems–2604: Using patented and proprietary DuPont materials, which are managed under a tightly secured supply chain, the co. fabricates authentication and TE products that are different and afford immediate, unambiguous visual verification of products. Circle No. 452.

DuPont Dow Elastomers–1663: Products help optimize the long-term performance of elastomeric seals in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. Kalrez® compounds for pharmaceutical applications provide unparalleled chemical, hot water and steam resistance required for steam-in-place and clean-in-place steps. Circle No. 453.

DVT–2267: SmartImage sensors are standalone systems used to perform high-speed visual inspection on parts. Featuring Ethernet TCP/IP communications, SmartImage sensors also read bar codes and Data Matrix, and perform OCR. Circle No. 454.

Dynaco USA–1893: Unique employee-friendly soft-edge door that provides safety and positive, tight sealing. Doors are self-repairing and require almost no human intervention to reset and restart operation. Circle No. 455.

FDC Packaging–2541: Provides thermal packaging supplies and solutions for temperature-sensitive shipments. Also provides thermal packaging design and testing at its ISTA-certified packaging laboratory. Circle No. 456.

Festo–2256: Exhibits Pneumatic Muscle, a specialty cylinder that provides a unique design solution for applications requiring pneumatic cylinders. It features a flexible tube, no stick-slip effect and a low-weight design. Circle No. 457.

FlexLink Systems–2547: New stainless-steel XA conveyor reduces operating costs while increasing production efficiencies and output. The new clean design with raised chain construction offers no crevices where dirt can accumulate, and it can be easily wiped down. Circle No. 458.

Fortress Technology–848:Displays new Phantom PH metal detection system for tablet inspection at the press. It features full power-adjust, very high sensitivity, and immunity to vibration, static and electrical noise. Circle No. 459.

Frain Industries–1768: Buys, sells, rents and leases used packaging and processing machinery. Database has more than 30,000 listings with complete technical descriptions and photos. Circle No. 460.

Garvens USA–2175: Along with sophisticated S-Series and E-Series checkweighers, introduces GARVENS ReAct remote access tool for the Ethernet, and the Personal PrintCard, which can be programmed for access to the checkweigher. Circle No. 461.

Great Lakes–3657: Demonstrates Model 708HBD-32 shrink bundler designed specifically for the heaalth and beauty industries. Featuring simple setup and tool-less changeovers, it can wrap uo 60 bundles/min. Circle No. 462.

Griffin-Rutgers–2452: Metronic INPRINT UV-flexo web printer for blisters and pouches, Metronic MO3.1 high-speed hot stamper, Sauven's Codajet 6000 high-resolution case coder, and Re-Pack print-and-apply labeling system. Circle No. 463.

Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council–2515: Was established as a not-for-profit trade association to promote the many advantages of unit-dose blister and strip packaging. Circle No. 464.

Hi-Speed Checkweigher–2468: Rx3 pharmaceutical checkweigher for tablets, powders, liquid and cream fillings; EZweigh™ checkweigher that is easy to install, operate, clean and maintain; and intermittent, servo-driven Starweigh/CM checkweigher. Circle No. 465.

IMA North America–638: Exhibits the KILIAN Synthesis 500 mid-size tablet press, which is designed for easy operation and cleaning. "Electronic handwheel" allows quick and precise machine setup. Machine runs at an extremely low noise level. Circle No. 466.

Imaje USA–2367: Lightjet dot-matrix coder, which marks up to five lines with character heights from 0.08 to 0.59 in. on most surfaces. Articulated arm and compact printhead make installation easy. Circle No. 467.

Industrial Dynamics–2504: Displays the Lasetec Phase II laser coding system that uses steered-beam on-the-fly technology to generate fully formed characters, whose quality cannot be matched by dot-matrix laser systems. Circle No. 468.

Inprint Systems–2404: Labels and out/inserts combined together into a range of p-s labels that can be machine-applied to small bottles. Patented, one-piece constructions can be customized for cartonless pharmaceutical packaging with a single-piece Extended Text™ label/leaflet combination, and can be wrapped around small cylindrical bottles or even four sides of rectangular bottles. Circle No. 469.

Integrated Packaging Systems–2557: Features Procount slat counters, Versaflow 9700 in-line filling systems, FMB 200 Monoblock filling, stoppering and capping systems. Circle No. 470.

Johnson Controls–2174: With CE* Artisan, the Critical Environments Team offers critical environments products and consulting; Validation Support Services Team assists the bio-tech/pharmaceutical industry in designing, installing, testing and operating facility environmental systems to meet cGMP requirements. Circle No. 471.

Kalix North America–2342: Tube fillers, cartoners, mascara and jar fillers reaching speeds of up to 120 tubes/min. Circle No. 472.

Key Intl.–1266: Exhibits the Ministar Series of f/f/s blister-packaging machinery, and Countec electronic multichannel tablet/capsule counting machine that can run up to 120 bottles/min. Circle No. 473.

Klöckner Medipak–1430: Model CP-3 blister-packaging machine running thermoformed blister packages will feature a new QC sampling system, and a pinhole and foil fracture detection system. The unique QC sampling system automatically removes and sequentially stores samples for analysis. Circle No. 474.

Klöckner Pentaplast–1422: Vinyl, PETG, APET, BAREX, COC, ACLAR-laminated and PVDC-coated films are quality certified for pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. TDO shrink-sleeve films are ideal for full or partial body wrapping of bottles, cans, jars and multipacks, in addition to TE bands. MDO films are designed for p-s labels. Circle No. 475.

Krones–2348: An entirely new labeler that permits wet-glue and p-s labeling to be combined and done simultaneously. Following the plug and label concept, the two types of label stations are easily interchanged. Circle No. 476.

Lasertechnics Marking–2465: Laser coding equipment, including vector-writing laser coding equipment, pulsed CO2 (mask) laser coding systems, Nd:YAG laser marking systems and dot-matrix laser coders. Circle No. 477.

Lock Inspection Systems–1657: Presents the new digital MET 30+ pharmaceutical metal detector with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy at 30,000 tablets/min. The Weighcheck checkweigher is for applications where accuracy is critical, and it is programmed for up to 100 different products. Circle No. 478.

Lockwood Greene–749: Provides a full spectrum of services ranging from management consulting to process development and design to facility construction and maintenance. Circle No. 479.

MAP Systems–275: Custom-designed equipment and systems for modified atmosphere packaging with a focus on MAP gas flushing technologies with guaranteed residue oxygen levels below 0.5%. Also test equipment and lab testing services. Circle No. 480.

Marchesini Packaging Machinery–1457: Offers a full range of packaging equipment, including blister thermoformers, bundlers, horizontal and vertical cartoners, liquid fillers/cappers, and much more. Circle No. 481.

Marden Edwards–2633: Presents the Model PSB/300 automatic carton accumulating and stretch-banding machine. Circle No. 482.

Markem–1945: Systems can code or label at virtually every stage of production, from primary packages to end-of-line cartons and pallets. Software to link these systems with a host computer to share production data. Circle No. 483.

MeadWestvaco–2369: High-quality solutions in compliance packaging, child-resistance, senior-friendly packaging, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting. Circle No. 484.

McBrady Engineering–2356: ORBIT bottle rinser can incorporate air cleaning, liquid rinsing, steam rinsing or gas flushing through a direct tube injected inside each vial. The HS-600 gripper handles containers at speeds to 700 cpm with no changeparts. Circle No. 485.

MG America–720: Exhibits the MG2 Model G250 capsule filler rated at speeds up to 200,000 capsules/hr, and the MG2 Model Futura capsule filler rated at 48,000 capsules/hr. Circle No. 486.

MOCON–2382: New VERICAP® 4000 high-speed weighing and sorting system for capsules. VERITAB 900® high-speed weighing and sorting system for tablets; AB PLUS automatic balance system for weighing both capsules and tablets. Circle No. 487.

Molded Fiber Glass Tray–1374: Displays new vial trays, softgel drying trays, and many other trays. Circle No. 488.

Newman Labeling Machines–2521: Pharmaceutical standard p-s labeling machines to apply both paper and clear labels at speeds up to 600 units/min. Designed to label vials, ampoules, syringes, bottles and cartons, and to meet FDA cGMP standards. Circle No. 489.

NJM/CLI Packaging Systems, Intl.–1630: Demonstrates the new Servo Model 326 Auto-colt III labeler with integrated Model 276 Auto-Sert literature feeder and Cremer tablet counter. Circle No. 490.

OCS Checkweighers–2650: Displays high- precision in-motion checkweighers using new and innovative Electro Magnetic Compensation Weighing technology with precision to 0.005 grams. Circle No. 491.

Optima Machinery–2651: Features the SV122 automatic filling and closing machine for disposable, nested syringes. It has a dosing volume range of 0.2 to 29mL and an output of 4,500 syringes/hr. Circle No. 492.

PIAB Material Handling–1283: Sanitary and hygienic C33 vacuum conveyor, which is accepted by both 3-A and the USDA. Circle No. 493.

Romaco–1611: Introduces the Romaco Laetus Polyphem WT color vision system for tablets. It features megapixel resolution and high-speed processing at 7.5 frames/sec, and automatic light compensation. Circle No. 494.

Roni Automation Solutions–2323: Features LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters, which are modular constructed, lightweight and electrically operated for ergonomic handling solutions for boxes, totes, barrels and rolls. Circle No. 495.

Safeline–1364: PharmX, with performance validation capabilities, allows the user to confirm that the detector operates to corporate standards. ClearView combines high-resolution soft x-ray technology with high-performance image processing software to detect minute changes in product densities that signify contamination. Circle No. 496.

Schneider Packaging Equipment–2532: New robotic palletizing system that features a 6-axis articulated arm consisting of a Motoman UP-50. It will be attached to the carton packer for a monoblock-style design running standard and "open-top" cases. Circle No. 497.

Siemens Energy & Automation–3161: Products range from residential circuit breakers to motors from 1 to 10,000 hp, and programmable controllers and process control systems. Circle No. 498.

Sure Torque–2448: Benchtop and automatic cap-torque testing equipment; benchtop and automatic chuck cappers; and electronic chuck calibrators. Circle No. 499.

Thermo Ramsey–2157: Displaying the Rx Checkweigher specially designed and built to meet the exacting standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. AC9000 Plus offers a 9-in. power weightable for extreme accuracy at high rates. A tablet metal detector will also be displayed. The Metal Scout IIe is used with tablet presses. Circle No. 601.

Tri-Tronics–2275: Photoelectric sensors and controls: featuring the new high-performance pushbutton Smarteye® EZ-Pro sensors. This new sensor is equipped with a unique self-adjustment feature, ACT™ (automatic contrast tracking); white-light LED sensors; the economical Opti-Eye product line; and the co.'s Gap-Probe thru-beam optical blocks. Circle No. 602.

Vibrac–1774: Induction seal validator is used to test the integrity of induction seals and achieve the correct setup. Circle No. 603.

Videojet Technologies–2412: MDS Focus™ 1000 laser coding system provides high-performance and reliable laser coding. The Videojet Ipro™ ink-jet printer incorporates numerous performance achievements such as greater uptime and reliability through improved print quality and lower operating costs. The Marsh® L5000PA is a rugged, high-speed, printer applicator. Circle No. 604.

Vijuk Equipment–2338: Presents the new Vijuk-G&K Cartonac 2000 leaflet folder that attaches directly to the cartoning or packaging equipment line and uses the line's power. Quick-folding rollers use caliper devices for faster setups and changeovers. Circle No. 605.

Wexler Packaging Products–2605: Features equipment to band with paper and poly films; includes CE automatic paper/poly banding machines, ATS-MS-420 tabletop banders, and ATS-US-2000 ultrasonic automatic banding machines. Circle No. 606.

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