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Pharma and medical packaging technologies on display

Article-Pharma and medical packaging technologies on display

Pharma and medical packaging technologies on display
Photo courtesy of Dara via NJM Packaging. NJM is the exclusive sales agent for Dara in the USA and Canada.

Pharmaceutical and medical packaging solutions will be on display at Pack Expo International 2016 and the co-located Pharma Expo, a joint venture with the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), at McCormick Place in Chicago November 6–9. The event is produced by PMMI, The Association for Processing and Packaging Technologies. 

Twenty-seven associations are partnering with Pack Expo and four with Pharma Expo, along with 11 International Pavilion Organizers. One partner, the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC), will highlight the latest technical advancements in patient adherence packaging designs and materials. HCPC’s Compliance Package of the Year program winners will be included in the Showcase of Packaging Innovations, sponsored by Dow and featuring winning packages from a number of competitions.

In addition, ISPE will host a dedicated conference program at Pharma Expo on manufacturing operations, compliance trends, and pharmaceutical packaging. 

Several exhibitors will display the latest technologies in pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. For instance, NJM Packaging will be showing the new Dara Moduline Model NFL, a Nest Filling Line inside an isolator (shown above). The new system integrates Dara’s aseptic fill-and-finish system with Getinge La Calhene’s isolator technology for a Class 100 cleanroom environment when operating the system in a Class 100,000 cleanroom. By designing the top plate of the filler into the isolator and manufacturing them simultaneously rather than sequentially, Dara speeds delivery and reduces capital costs. According to NJM, Moduline is a family of compact and modular solutions for filling liquids and powders into vials, syringes, and cartridges at speeds of up to 100 units per minute in a footprint only 1150 mm (45 in.) wide and 3200 mm (126 in.) long. It doses volumes from 0.1 to 100 ml for liquids and from 2 to 1500 mg for powders while maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. Suited for small-scale clinical trials and mass production of a wide range of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals including lyophilized products, Moduline ensures the safety of both product and people during the filling process. The Model NFL combines a decontamination module, which accommodates nests or trays of prepackaged ready-to-use (RTU) vials, with a vial filling/stoppering/capping module. NJM Packaging,

Visit Booth # S-3805 and W-703

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Serialized Blister/Pharmaceutical Cartoning Solution

MGS Machine and Pharmaworks will be exhibiting an integrated blister cartoning and thermoforming line in Booth W-738. Click here to see video of the line in action. MGS Machine Corp., and Pharmaworks,

Visit Booth #W-738

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Ascending Temperature Excursion Indicator Label

A patented low-cost label features a highly reliable and validated chemical reaction to clearly indicate a temperature excursion beyond the designed threshold. The label indicates the temperature excursion by changing the indicator section from a white dot to a red dot or an appearing red human readable message such as “Do Not Use.” The label can be bought as a stock secondary label or printed as part of a primary custom label. When printed as a primary label, a custom human readable message or image will appear through printed product text without hindering the performance of the indicator or the functionality of the products label. The company states that the price point is much lower than that of electronic competitors. CCL Healthcare,

Visit Booth #W-445

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Labeling and Cartoning

Marchesini Group will exhibit two stand-alone machines for the American market. The new BL A420 CW labeler (shown above) for Track & Trace requirements was developed by Neri, a division of Marchesini Group specializing in carton labeling and tracking machinery. A completely integrated load cell in its stepper conveyance system controls the weight of each carton; according to the company, this system is much more compact than the classic solution in which the weighing unit is coupled in-line and more compact than competitive solutions with weighing units with their own conveyance system and independent from that of the labeling machine. By integrating the load cell into the toothed belt system of the BL A420 CW, the unit is able to verify the position of the cartons at all times. If the weight is correct, the product proceeds through subsequent processes (serialization, marking, and sealing) then to the next machine. If the weight is incorrect, the subsequent processes are skipped and the carton is rejected, according to the “fail-safe” operating logic. All types of printing and vision systems can be installed on BL A420 CW. The BL A420 CW will be backed by cartoner model MA 80, developed for flexibility, ergonomics, and speed. The new MA 80 can process up to 120 cartons a minute, while the previous version could run 80 per minute. Marchesini Group,

Visit Booth #W-743

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Virtual Reality

Optima Pharma will highlight pharmaceutical turnkey projects in 3-D using virtual reality. The exhibit will include large systems that Optima Pharma has implemented, for example, for filling and sealing under an isolator. In combination with freeze drying, various processing paths are available, which can be used in parallel. Sterile processing systems for syringes, vials, and diagnostic products will be shown in 3-D, as will the latest machine type: the Optima MultiUse filling and closing machine for processing nested and bulk containers. The modular system can process all types of nested syringe, vial, and cartridge formats and is equipped with an innovative transport system that processes large vial ranges at production rates of up to 150 products per minute without the need to change format parts. Also shown in 3-D will be the Optima TDC 125 from Optima Life Science, a machine for making all conventional transdermal patches and oral film strips on a laboratory or small production scale. Optima Pharma and Optima Life Science,

Visit Booth #N-6121 and #W-731

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The Mettler Toledo XS2 MV TE checkweigher performs four different brand protection and product safety functions. The system completes accurate checkweighing of packages weighing up to 300 g, then prints 2-D DataMatrix codes and verifies their presence and legitimacy, and prints unique item serial numbers for regulatory compliance. It then applies tamper-evident seals and visually inspects their presence and positioning with machine vision. Products not completely complying with any of these processes are rejected into locked bins to ensure they do not proceed and potentially enter commerce. DataMatrix and serial number codes can be printed using ink-jet or laser printing and verified by machine vision inspection immediately after printing. The XS2 MV TE has been designed to function with a wide range of available marking and camera systems to give end-users the option to choose components from suppliers already approved as “trusted partners.” The system also features very precise mechanical product handling units and extremely reliable marking, verification, and sorting devices that have been designed to process high production volumes with no negative effect on existing line operating equipment effectiveness and overall line efficiency. In addition, all components, including checkweighing, ink jet printing or laser marking systems, high-resolution verification cameras, mechanical transfer units and sorting devices, have been finely tuned to work in perfect unison to meet global serialization, E-Pedigree, and Track & Trace legal requirements and specifications. Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed,

Visit Booth #S-1700 and #W-637

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Strip Packaging Machine

Romaco North America will feature a compact eight-lane, balcony-style strip packaging machine capable of processing thousands of tablets or capsules per minute. The Romaco Siebler HM 1-230 heat-sealing machine packs pharmaceutical solids in air-, light-, and moisture-tight strip packaging. Configured with eight-lane product feeding, the compact, balcony-style machine processes up to 3200 tablets or 1800 capsules per minute. The rotary sealing system features thin-walled, detachable format sets that heat up rapidly and guarantee extremely precise temperature distribution on the sealing surfaces. And strip packaging can be made in different geometries if needed. Round or clover-leaf shaped packaging also is possible, too, as are standard rectangular forms. Siebler also offers highly flexible solutions for transferring the strips to a downstream Romaco Promatic cartoner. The Romaco Group,

Visit Booth #W-691

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Full-Color Blister Printing System

At Pack Expo, Hapa will premiere the BlisterJet CMYK (shown in the picture), the UV DOD piezo ink-jet printing system for full-color printing on blank blisters in a CMYK application process. According to the company, the new system drives opportunities in new blister design and product differentiation. In addition, alongside the BlisterJet CMYK, Hapa will exhibit a concept for printing foil in two colors, a modular, UV DOD system. Other Hapa printing systems will be displayed around the show: At Mediseal, an integrated, stand-mounted UV-DOD WebJet will be shown, and at Pharmaworks, a top-mounted 230 UV-flexo, printing system will be shown. And a Gottscho GO-Flex is in action at ACGPamPac. Hapa Ink, which develops and produces individual inks designed to exact client specifications for all foil substrates, plastic, aluminum, or labeling material of any kind, will also be at the show. The division can accommodate orders for any volume of ink, no matter how small. Hapa,

Visit Booth #S-2501

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Filling Equipment

Cozzoli Machine Co. will be featuring the following filling equipment: the FSV50 Mini Monoblock, the Versa-Fil Rotary Time/Pressure Filler, and the RPF Rotary Piston Filler. Tabletop equipment designed for laboratories and smaller production facilities will also be shown. The FSV50 Mini Monoblock processes vials in laboratory, clinical production locations, or other areas with limited space. Designed for use in a cleanroom with hood isolation and laminar flow in mind, the machine fills liquids or powders and then stoppers or caps the containers at speeds up to 50 vials per minute. It can suit a range of vial sizes from 1 to 100 ml. The Versa-Fil Time/Pressure Filler handles heavy viscosity food products as well as personal care products. Developments in nozzle design technology enable efficient filling of lighter products such as saline solutions, cough medicines, and barbecue sauces. The RPF Rotary Piston Filler handles a wide range of containers and products of most viscosities at high production speeds of 600+ per minute. Cozzoli Machine Co.,

Visit Booth #S-2142

For more details about the show, visit and


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