Sister companies combine to create single global pharmaceutical packaging service provider

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Sister companies combine to create single global pharmaceutical packaging service provider

Anderson Packaging, one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical, clinical and commercial contract packagers in the United States, and Brecon Pharmaceuticals, a leading supplier of pharmaceutical commercial packaging and clinical supply services in the U.K., have announced they are further aligning their businesses to become a global end-to-end pharmaceutical packaging company. Both part of the AmerisourceBergen Corp., the companies will provide innovative and differentiated packaging solutions under the name AndersonBrecon.

AndersonBrecon will feature 12 facilities across two continents, and more than 1,500 dedicated associates who will work to provide lifesaving medications to patients in more than 100 countries around the world. Though Anderson Packaging and Brecon Pharmaceuticals have been working together since 2006, the repositioning will enable both to better respond to the evolving pharmaceutical marketplace and provide efficient and more competitive solutions to meet customers' global needs.

"Over the last four years, the Anderson and Brecon teams worked closely together to build the foundation for a truly global healthcare packaging partner, and have demonstrated we understand our customers and can provide comprehensive, seamless solutions," says Peyton Howell, president of AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services. "Moving to a more global organization will better position us to offer our customers a more integrated approach for the global launch of pharmaceutical products, helping to accelerate speed-to-market and product success—and achieve an unparalleled level of customer service in the industry."

As part of the repositioning effort, AndersonBrecon will become a component of AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services (ABCS), a business unit of AmerisourceBergen that is comprised of market leading consulting companies including Xcenda, Lash Group, TheraCom and Premier Source. ABCS partners with manufacturers to prove product value and expand market access. The organization offers unparalleled commercialization support by integrating outcomes research, health policy analysis, managed markets agency services, reimbursement strategy, contract field staffing—and now, packaging and clinical services through AndersonBrecon.

Source: AndersonBrecon, a business unit of AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services, a subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen Corp.


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