Wisk packaging promises blast of clean

March 11, 2015

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Wisk packaging promises blast of clean
Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlast pouch


Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlast pouch

Gross Alert! Did you know that there are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet? Or, that the average person can produce 1-3 gallons of sweat each week? Can you imagine what this means for your family's clothes? Wisk, the detergent known for fighting tough stains, has added Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts - a small, but powerful detergent to its Deep Clean family. PowerBlasts attack hidden body oils and sweat - the biggest soil issue in your laundry - in a convenient single dose form.


Beginning with Ring Around the Collar, the Wisk brand is a recognized leader in fighting tough stains that you can - and cannot - see. Most people don't realize that the average washload contains 20 times more hidden body oils and sweat than visible stains and this hidden dirt can stay trapped deep within the fiber of your clothes and build up over time. PowerBlasts contain a patented blend of Micro-Cleaners that seek out and attack hidden soils that some other detergents* can leave behind, so that your clothes get a truly deep clean.


"Consumers are always looking for solutions to simplify their lives without sacrificing performance. With new Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts, the laundry experience is much simpler and people can be confident that Wisk will leave their clothes deep down clean," said Yasmin Grant for Wisk Deep Clean. "We like to think of PowerBlasts as a deep clean made easy - just drop one pac into the drum of your washing machine and blast sweat out!"


Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts dissolve completely in the wash, even in cold water, and are safe for all washing machines - high efficiency, non-high efficiency, front loaders and top loaders. PowerBlasts are sealed in a water soluble film that dissolves completely, even in coldwater, to release the active detergent throughout the wash, leading to laundry that is deep down clean and free of any packaging materials.


The launch of PowerBlasts comes on the heels of Wisk's new revolutionary digital marketing campaign, called "Inside Dirt," which tells the story of one man's mission to expose the dirty truth about America's so-called ‘clean' laundry. His passion is born out of the shocking realization that the stains you see on your dirty clothes are just the tip of a very filthy iceberg, so he has decided to air America's dirty laundry for everyone to see. Learn the dirty truth at InsideDirt.com


Wisk Deep Clean offers six powerful varieties that redefine what it means to be clean - Original, High Efficiency, Oxi Complete®, Fresh Breeze, Free & Pure, and new PowerBlasts. PowerBlasts are available in three sizes, 24 ct, 48 ct, and 84 ct, at Walmart, Target, Food Lion, and other major retailers nationwide starting at just $5.99.


Source: Wisk

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