Colgate-Palmolive’s Robotic Case Packer Catches 90 Pouches Per Minute

The unique packing method takes advantage of conveyor motion and gravity.

Bob Sperber, Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME

August 11, 2020


[8-14-20: At the time Packaging Digest posted this, the video was public. It since has been changed to private and is no longer available. We apologize and have reached out to HMPS to see if we can get it to play again.]

[8-17-20: Unfortunately, Colgate-Palmolive has asked HMPS to keep the video private.]


C-P’s Softlan fabric softener packaging operations benefit from a 90-per-minute case packer from HMPS. Watch this short video to see how cases are erected and bottom-sealed then collected by one of two ABB robots, which take turns “catching” packs as they fly off a belt. The robots take turns holding the cases at an angle to safely shingle the packages before sending the case onward for top-sealing.


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Bob Sperber

Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME, Informa Markets - Engineering (IME)

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