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Material-handling robotMaterial-handling robot

Jack Mans

March 11, 2015

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Material-handling robot

ABB IRB 2600ID Material Handling II.jpg

ABB IRB 2600ID Material Handling II.jpg




The IRB 2600ID mid-size robot, with its 15 kg handling capacity, increases productivity, simplifies programming and lowers overall operating costs. The larger payload IRB 2600ID model features a flexible conduit in its upper arm/wrist for routing cables and hoses for signals, air and power, fully integrating the process equipment with the robot. Supported by IRB 2600 family performance benefits, such as high speed, flexible mounting options, an increased work envelope and unmatched path repeatability, the newest IRB 2600ID model is specifically designed for a wide range of material handling and machine tending applications.


ABB Inc., 248/391-9000.



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Jack Mans

Plant Operations Editor

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